What’s Up?

What’s up must come down right? Rule of nature. Rule of the market. Well, we’re flying high, kiddos! Whoopie!

Hmm…. OK… Let’s get serious here. Well.. not enough time before getting the chiropractic treatments I need relieve my chronic back pain. This art revolutionary business is hard work and I gotta stay in shape.

Have pity on poor old me… Raving away like whatever his name was in the mystic mysts of Avalon. His eyes misting with tears for the long ago far gone and far out Golden Years. All the time keeping a stiff upper lip! Cheerio, Brexiteers! Im shedding Brexit tears while I’m Reeling in the Years.

You should try it some time… Relieves the stress. Mental that is. Use a chiropractor or massage therapist or accupressure for the other stress. I mean it Hillary! A couple hours of massage and another handful of whatever medication you’re on might help you wind down a bit from your plans to annihilate the globe.

Ok… Off on my routines. Every day an adventure! Whatever you guys do out there. Don’t panic. There are enough human beings running around like chickens with their heads cut off as it is.

Will put up a picture later. Something you art lovers out there like. Titian, perhaps? Suggestions? Whatever the mass vote is, I’ll go with it.

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I'm an artist.
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6 Responses to What’s Up?

  1. wewordsmiths says:

    On point, as usual!

    But you’re not as alone as you may think. Here’s an interesting vid from THE BIG THINK which usually isn’t very, but here is rather perceptive:

  2. wewordsmiths says:

    Here’s another. His questions are good, but his answers are a bit vague. Except for his definition of “fine” art.

    Attentiveness! :

  3. trueoutsider says:

    Thanks, Wm. Will listen to it later as I see it’s Glaser. I knew a guy who studied with Glaser. He’s since become a well paid and sought after “NeoAcademic”. He was a total hustler. Sold me a Subaru that had serious engine trouble that his mechanic assured me was trouble free. It cost me another 800 bucks. Big deal. It was still a decent buy and ran like a top for years although like Fred Flinstone, you could put your foot through the floor and probably touch the asphalt if you were positioned properly as it was all rusted through.

    Anyway, he told me that Glaser was the typical instructor who would rip off the best ideas of his students and claim them for himself. Sounds true enough to me. Picasso did it with a lot of artists whose studios he visited. I guess all’s fair in the battle for artistic supremacy. But it makes me less than interested in what either would have to say about what is art and what is not.

    I think Glaser’s work stinks to high heaven as I do most commercial art. You know Peter Max? I got one of his posters signed by him at the Hecht Company when I was 13 or 14 years old. Even then the guy struck me as a hustler, as you can imagine anyone would selling his posters and signing them at a Department Store in Washington. DC….

    Just looking at Glaser’s face makes me a bit bilious. Also, I was very much buffaloed by an artist like Milton Resnick who I watched paint and listened to when he taught in Richmond. Up until a few years ago I thought him a really good artist. That disappeared in an instant in one of the many epiphanies I’ve experienced over the last 5 years or so.

    Again, it’s what I think. I don’t consider myself the last word on what is or isn’t art. IMHO (In my humble opinion should always be seen as prefacing my remarks. Like Kafka. Investigations of a Dog.

  4. trueoutsider says:

    Glimcher is a total fraud. Mr. Hollywood. I know him quite well. Could go into details. I saw how the sausage was made during the early 1980s and forward. Front row seat living in NYC. Wife worked at the Whitney. Saw all of it unfold… Financialization of art. Fraud from top to bottom. Brain dead artists. Brain dead collectors. Brain dead dealers. Brain dead critics. Unless you consider people who know how to create and conduct financial fraud, guys like Donald Trump and Steven Cohen and Steve Wynn to be brilliant minds. Anyway, the truth will out. Nothing at all to do with anything I think or say here.

  5. trueoutsider says:

    In effect, William, I am way, way out there and far more aware of guys like Glimcher and Glaser in terms of what is real and what is not. Glimcher or Glaser would have no idea whatsoever of the things I have deep involvement in, as they simply have no interest in it. The art dealers, critics and artists I’ve known well wouldn’t know would not know a Poussin from Bouguereau.

    A French critic like Baudrillard, say, knows some things about art. Or read Louis Aragon and Jean Cocteau discussing European art.

    Americans simply have no interest whatsoever in art. There sole interest is money. And I say that from long experience here. Not to mention talking informally to dozens and dozens of both dealers and art critics.

    Blind leading the blind. And leading it all off a cliff.

    That nobody believes what I’m saying, nor quite comprehends it is not troubling at all to me, as I am perfectly happy to be a nobody. I have no interest in being part of any known art world, anymore than other old artists of the past did as they approached death. There are far greater things on my mind. I’m just trying to think through my past experience and can only do so by writing it out here on the blog. All will be lost to time. I do not find that a troubling thought as so many other people, particularly other artists and collectors do as they somehow imagine they are dealing with immortal works. More’s the pity.

  6. trueoutsider says:

    I listened to a couple minutes of Glimcher. All he is saying is that the new collectors did the same thing dealers like Castelli and Knoedler and Salander and Glimcher did the decade(s) before. But they did it far more effectively and rapaciously. As Castelli told cab driver King turned art collector Robert Scull (think of Damien Hirst’s Skull , right?) who wanted to buy out a Johns show (think it was Johns but will have to ck)… “You can’t do that Robert. It is terribly vulgar/”

    No, you have to distribute one a piece into the mitts of the biggest moneybags. Then Ponzi style the entire thing builds as you have the bottom feeders paying thousands of bucks for a stupid lithograph. What ever happened to the Gagosian 8 gallery show of Damien Hirst Hail Mary polk dot paintings do you imagine? It’s fascinating from an economic and sociological viewpoint. But nothing at all to do with art.

    One can get insight to it from reading Mackay’s Madness of Crowds. What is odd to me is that I’m apparently the only one writing about all of this with any kind of serious and deep analysis, which is no doubt why I’m entirely ignored. The only people that are listened to are big moneybag types.

    Glimcher is a Hollywood guy. Placed all that bogus stuff at Pace with big Hollywood money. Dennis Hopper… hardy har har… The brilliant photographer and deep thinker. Anyway, we’ll see how right I am within the next decade, if my internal predictions are correct.

    Put a Titian next to some Glimcher artists. David Hockney, say. .. Put a Rembrandt next to Agnes Martin. Put a Eugene Delacroix next to an Ad Reinhardt. Put a Turner next to a Rauschenberg. Put a Michelangelo next to a Lucas Samaras. Put a Peter Paul Rubens next to a Chuck Close. Put a Donatello next to a Maya Lin.

    That’s the competition. Sorry. I didn’t make the rules of art. And Clement Greenberg agrees these are the rules, by the way. He was just flat out delusional when he thinks a great Pollock is equivalent to a minor Goya. Actually, I don’t think he was delusional. I think he was a complete charlatan. In my judgement the entire Glimcher stable of multi million dollar investments is going to the bottom of the ocean, presuming there’s any left left in the oceans by the end of the century. I am hoping there is.

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