Fascinating Rhythm

The Burning of the Houses of Lords and Commons, October 16, 1834 exhibited 1835 Joseph Mallord William Turner 1775-1851 The Cleveland Museum of Art. Bequest of John L. Severance, 1942.647 http://www.tate.org.uk/art/work/TW1063

The Burning of the Houses of Lords and Commons, October 16, 1834 exhibited 1835 Joseph Mallord William Turner 1775-1851 The Cleveland Museum of Art. Bequest of John L. Severance, 1942.647 http://www.tate.org.uk/art/work/TW1063

You see what I told you, Keith? Turner wasn’t just some nature painting escapist. He was all about reality. Perfect image for Brexit days, I think. And wither goest Boris? I find Brit politics impossible to follow. They seem even more senseless than ours are.

Meanwhile, I texted an acquaintance whose husband used to be a talking head on the PBS Nightly Business Report and began working as a reporter and then on to editorial duties in news organizations like Newsweek and the Wall Street Journal, launching his own business magazine. He’s since been put to pasture as he’s done his job.  I asked my acquaintance if they were following the banking crisis in Europe.

Not at all. Have no idea that one is taking place. They’re both too busy with the important things in This American Life. What do they care, anyway? They’re rich. Nothing can touch the rich. Well… I guess we’ll see. as it’s quite certain that if the working class are fleeced of everything they own, there will be others to provide them their pure water, toxin-free seafood, and soon all delivered to their secured compound underground.

Like this nitwit  who has everybody in a brainwashed stupor laughing and following each others brilliance with delight and amazement. This is what he does with his profits. Really sensible move. Good luck if the entire banking system breaks down or the bottom two thirds of world who are being driven into complete poverty get out and wandering about. As we saw in Orlando, the guy mowing down the disco dancers was a hired gun for a security firm. You want to trust those hired guns to protect you, Mark? Hey, guess who knows where all the resources and money are?

Absolute madness. But nobody understands what I’m talking about. I’m just whistlin’ Dixie like those boys down south who broke away from the Union, much as the Texans and Alaskans and Vermonters and so on are all tryin to figure out how to do. 50 separate and independent states. Puerto Rico are free of the good old US.

Texted my old Santa Fe gallery dealer. No idea what Brexit is or notion of any kind of banking troubles in Europe. All her news comes from 2 hours of NPR. Great news about cultural things and human interest stories. Some science of how the Hillary Donald matchup is doing and what the politically correct line to take is. And, surprise surprise. Amidst the 15 minutes of actual news NPR reports daily, nothing about any banking meltdown in Italy or Deutsche Bank crumbling. Texted my friend, Goetz, on the subject. Waiting to hear back but I haven’t heard from him for awhile All quiet on that particular Western Front..

Texted around. Talked around. “Huh?” “Duh?” Is the the invariable response. Of course, all the people I talk with are are typically well-informed about all the major issues facing us, like the ones the corporate media talk about nonstop 24/7 and completely understand how the world works. As a former commenter informed me, he is perfectly clear-sighted and deeply perceptive. He just doesn’t want to look at all this global warming, war, economic collapse, poverty, refugees flooding Europe, Britain voting out of the EU, falling pound and banking stocks. etc. as it’s a real bringdown and hard to make pure and high art with those kinds of things on your mind. One also needs to have a functioning brain to understand what one is reading.

Little of that around lately. But millions of people ready to scream in your ear that you don’t know what  you’re talking about if you try to calmly talk to them about anything remotely real. I’ve given up on that particular job. Now I just blabber away to myself here on True Outsider. I’m as true an outsider as ever existed. You can bank on that one.

Hmmm. … So for those who might have some interest, there are a very few news organizations reporting on what is happening. No doubt it’s not being reported in the US so people don’t go into panic mode. Otherwise, why isn’t it being reported? Or perhaps everyone has just gone insane or like the SEC overseeing the banks when they melted down in 2008 masturbating to internet porn. True story, not that anyone is interested but here it is.

Well, these things interest me. I’m always ready to see if anybody has the slightest interest in the real world, but so far haven’t come up with anybody. Fine if not. I’m used to being the consummate outsider, and at this point am quite content with it. I never had any ambition to be Julian Schabel, I can certainly tell you that. Pomposity isn’t my bag.

Three days ago in Europe it was a F$#@@cking Bloodbath! Suppose they’ve cleaned up all the blood by now but having trouble finding any reporting about it. Three days ago I have EUROPEAN BANKS COLLAPSING! Run and hide, folks! Don’t let true outsider alarm you! Take a knock on Mark Schmuckerger’s security perimeter. See if he’ll hire you to do the laundry or serve the pizzas.

Man, I thought we were living inside an Orwellian propaganda system. But I had no idea it was this bad.

Ah… Here we go. Italian Bank-Rescue Push Falters as Merkel Sticks to the Rules. Leave it to the Germans to stick with the fucking rules. (sorry, Goetz. I laugh just as much at Americans and everyone else. Most of the time I spend praying. God help us.) Or am I dreaming all this? Why I am the only one in the .001 percent in the entire country seemingly aware of this at the moment. Merkel’s sticking to the rules one might better call playing with dynamite or a hysterical last minute Hail Mary pass. Let’s wait and see if there’s anybody in the End Zone beside Forrest Gump or Adam Sandler.

Anyway. I’m just an old hick from the sticks. Call me Forrest Grump. Gotta get back to drawing. That’s actually about all I really know something about so I only take these little blogpost breaks to relax my mind for the next battle with with the blank paper.

Please excuse typos or grammatical dysfunction. Only getting a couple hours of sleep a night, what with all this exciting news to try to follow if only some news organization bothered to report it. It might be buried somewhere in the Times in a sub sub paragraph toward the end of a financial report, or some other place they bury important stories.

Like James Joyce said it’s a tough job being being an artist.. always information overload central… When all this is over think I’ll go on a real vacation. Get back to my yoga mat and my Eckhart Tolle and re-read Castaneda’s Don Juan books or the Toltec book of Wisdom.

I hope I’m not stressing anyone. If so, use my method to calm yourself. Here’s a bit of Meister Eckhart. How to Make a Decision. You artists should really check this out. See what art style you want to copy! Or what art critic you want to read to tell you what the truly great art is:

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11 Responses to Fascinating Rhythm

  1. Eric Wayne says:

    Ain’t heard shit about the banks. Nice dissection of NPR, by the way. Uuuuh, kinda’ think Tolle is watered-down Nisargadatta Maharaj for the urban housewife and new age set, however, milquetoasty regurgitation of classic Advaita is still good shit. I bought three of Tolle’s books, so, can’t really criticize. Nowadays I stick to Maharaj.

  2. trueoutsider says:

    I was stalked by a devout follower of Meher Baba three years ago. She was actually the person who convinced me I need a cel phone, and I haven’t forgiven her since. Kidding. Her lesbian lover was the former Zen Monk leader of a monastery in Minnesota, that is if anything this Baba-head told me was true.
    At any rate, having her bombarding me with love poetry from Rumi and Hafez and coming on to me, despite the fact I was married and had a 17 year old son and no interest in a love relationship with her turned me permanently off any kind of interest I might have had in “Easter” religions. Of course, I’ve read a number of volumes by Thich Nhat Hanh, Pema Chodron, Rinpoche (teacher along with Ginsberg, Corso and Burroughs at the Kerouac School for Disembodied Poetics) down the road from me about 45 minutes in Boulder. Max Beckmannn actually taught there when he came to America as a refugee. I’m more interested in Beckmann than I am in the other stuff.
    But I’m in no way hostile to people following whatever spiritual path they’ve chosen to go down. Just have an incredible mistrust of multi-millionaire gurus with fleets of Rolls Royces… Also knew a few followers of the re-christened Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh to Oishi
    Living in Albuquerque for 12 years, one gets a pretty heavy dose of every kind of delusional practice and followers. A bunch of airheads died inside a sweat lodge experience run by a Native American crank. Some Korean sect have kids running around in the desert carrying heavy rocks in their backpacks until they collapse from heat exhaustion. Buddhist woman carving up her buddhist lover in Arizona.
    Too bad Wm. James isn’t around to chronicle all these new Varieties of Religious Experience. Keep your eyes on the banks.. / As I posted my “Lehman Moment” a few days ago…. today this just in from Bloomberg Business News… Brexit is a Lehman Moment… who says I don’t get some of my prophecies right? I should open my own Investment Service. Team up with Swami Watcha-thinkuh-me and hit the big time:


    Zeitgeist shift? Coming right up….

    Try this .. Buddhism in America:


    • Eric Wayne says:

      My post on OSHO and his Rolls collection is one of my most popular with over 14,000 views, lots and lots of angry comments, and written by an actual guru (of my creation and Photoshop skills: it’s me in a sadhu getup): https://artofericwayne.com/2013/07/17/osho-and-his-90-roll-royces/

      I have a very difficult time with spiritual pretension, and all the fabulously wealthy gurus shake any faith that I might have that enlightenment actually exists. If it did exist, hmmm, would it conflict with artistic creation?

      The only reason I believe in something like “spirituality” at all is because of the results of my experimentation with the, at the time, legal “entheogen”, Salvia Divinorum, which is as potent as any psychedelic. I think James would have been extremely impressed with what happens after smoking Salvia and lying back with closed eyes.

  3. trueoutsider says:

    I envy you getting angry comments or any comments, for that matter. I’m really grateful to get either. But perhaps if I had more of them I wouldn’t feel that way. Grass is always greener, I suppose.

    As far as spiritual belief goes mine is along the lines of Jesus, Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Thomas Merton, Thich Nhat Hanh, Kierkegaard, Jung and so on. I’ve done volumes and volumes of reading beginning back in high school. Taking philosophy classes at college level my senior year. I believe without question that there is a spiritual dimension. I’ve also experienced many different kinds of spiritual dimensions in many different situations. I had hallucinations quite early in my life. I paint and draw in a hallucinatory state, as I believe all artists of the past did, if they were any good at all. I have a post on the Trance State in Turner way back there somewhere on the blog. Surrealists called it automatic, Joyce Stream of consciousness. whatever… words… blablblablabl

    Of course, shrinks and pretty much everyone else in this sick society prefer to label me bipolar, acute anxiety disorder, Aspbergers syndrome…. One moron came into my studio, the woman next door who my wife invited in… “OH… I get it. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.” This is the kind of shit I’ve had to put up with for way too many years from the dumbest fucks on two legs to ever stroll around in zombified states. While so many around here thing we are in this state of elevated progress and evolution I think that we’re well on our way back to the neanderthal state. In many cases, achieving the neanderthal state would be a step forward.

    Fortunately, I haven’t lost my sense of humor.

  4. trueoutsider says:

    Really enjoy the vids, by the way, and hope my few readers are also checking out your site. It’s really the only artblog I’m aware of that has writing and other things that interest me. There could, of course,. be others. I’m just not aware of them. I’ve on a number of occasions asked readers to point me to any other “alternative” sights I might go to in order to find “alternative” views to the monolithic homogenization of art opinion but never heard anything. I stumbled across yours when doing a search of “ernst pollock drip paintings” wanting to write about Ernst as the first drip painter, etc. etc.

    • Eric Wayne says:

      Oh, right, Ernst did it first with a dripping can, and a woman had made very similar drip paintings to Pollock before he did. I forget her name at the moment. But I wrote about it. I know of one other blog that tends to be very cynical about the art world, but the author is a “Remodernist”, which is a less strident form of “Stuckism”, which is, well, maybe you know what “Stuckism” is…

      Incidentally, I haven’t gotten any notifications of your replies. I only can access them by going to your blog and clicking on “recent comments”. This glitch, if it’s normal for you, could explain a lot of why you aren’t getting more commentary.

    • Eric Wayne says:

      I also tried to subscribe to getting email responses, but I got an error message. It may be that you aren’t getting as much interaction on your blog because, well, there are some technical difficulties.

  5. trueoutsider says:

    I did a couple post on Sobel. Greenberg and Pollock saw her work together. She was an outsider painter from Jersey… Gee… and people wonder where Pollock got his ideas from…

    Oh man. Art con stars and the rest of the motley fools avoid my blog like the plague because they don’t want to know the truth about anything, much less art. The Potemkin Art World (one of about 50 names I have for it.)

    If you have a link to the Remodernists, by all means post it. Anytime other “dissidents” want to have a conversation I’m always available.

    Perfectly ok with me. I posted the Stuckist deconstruction of Hirst back a while ago, which I thought very good. I’d always assumed he’d stolen things. I knew he was copying Downing as I recall Dowling’s work at the Corcoran. But that’s all anyone does these days, more or less, isn’t it?

    I recall Roberta Smiths review of the big multi gallery Gagosian gamble (which looks to me to have been a colossal failure) where she’s trying to distinguish between the good Hirst dot paintings and the not as good ones. All of them were done randomly… Is there anybody more moronic than Roberta Smith writing at the Times? I haven’t been able to even read the stuff for years now. Childish seemed an appropriate name for the guy running the Stuckist show after googling his work.

    Publicity, hype, marketing, society of the spectacle (de bord a la Benjamin) . Entertainment, happenings, exploding plastic inevitable. I follow it peripherally for amusement sake, as that’s what it’s all about. Not as amusing as The Wire or Breaking Bad (filmed where I lived so it was delightful to recognize where things were shot and run into actors from the show wandering around the local shopping mall). At this point High Art is below Low Art… Isn’t it? Am I imagining things? TopsyTurvy.

    As I noted, guys like Keith Haring, Rick Prol, David Sandlin, Peter Kuper, Mark Kostabi, Scharf and the entire East Village Scene couldn’t get near being accepted into Cal Arts animation program. I knew a number of these jag offs personally, mind you.

  6. trueoutsider says:

    I should probably alert wordpress and tell them that there’s a problem. My wife’s mentioned difficulties with it. Thanks for letting me know.

  7. Eric Wayne says:

    Here’s the Remodernist guy’s blog: https://remodernreview.wordpress.com/tag/remodernism/
    Warning, I think he may be a Trump supporter, or at least goes in for the “Islam in not a religion of peace” sort of narrative, and much of what it implies. Frequently, I find people who are conservative about art are conservative about politics, though when I say “conservative about art” I don’t mean anyone who makes images (which would include myself), but rather those who steadfastly insist only a raw and amateur, probably representational painting is real. Note that the Stuckist’s dismiss my work, and the Remodernists may only tolerate it, seeing me as a sort of ally against conceptualism, but not as a practitioner of anything they would recognize as worthwhile art. That, for me, is a conservative artistic sensibility.

  8. trueoutsider says:

    Thanks. I’ll check it out. I have no problem at all with Trump supporters. It’s a free country, at least as far as voting goes. You’re using archaic terms to talk about conservative and liberal in politics or in art. Those words are just as meaningless as the word art itself is.

    Who would be a conservative in politics? Hillary is as neocon as it gets. That is Neo-Conservative. It’s a quite widespread definition of her. Kerouac was a stated Eisenhower Republican. The word conservative made sense back before Bill Clinton entirely sold the Democrats out to their enthusiastic cheering.

    Back to art. Fantasizing about what is art while repeating the same thing over and over again, all of it totally disconnected from the real world, why not have it all made by Pixar or Studio Ghibli or Gobelin. You don’t find art today thoroughly dehumanized? You think dehumanization is a good quality? Or appealing to a the lowest common denominator, which is what Hirst, Koons and all the rest aim at. Pixar and Ghibli do it better. That’s obvious. How does all this kitsch concept stuff stand up to popular entertainment? It doesn’t. Plain and simple. If you want to argue otherwise, I’d love to hear why you think it does. It’s concept is more interesting and deep? Oy.

    Or you don’t think the art you’re investigating dehumanized? Photo-realism? Not dehumanized? If artists want to march into the glorious virtual world robotized future along with the rest of the human race all I can say is “Bon Voyage.”

    I had two art critics as instructors when I was at SAIC grad school. They knew absolutely nothing about visual art. They barely knew about art history as it was of little to no interest to them. I liked them both. But I didn’t take a single thing they said seriously. I didn’t take the other instructors seriously either although one of them was a great person who I liked enormously and considered a pal. Why would any artist let an art teacher tell them how to paint or draw when the standards and quality are so abysmally low? I can understand Michelangelo studying with Ghirlandaio or Rembrandt with Lastman. Those guild masters really knew something about painting. The instructors I had, with a couple exceptions, couldn’t even draw. By draw I mean the ability to draw a world entirely from one’s own imagination without recourse to copying images, etc. Like Turner or Goya did.

    Art teachers just spout their own particular ideologies. Their concepts. If I were an artist today, I’d go to an atelier, just as Picasso, de Kooning and the rest of the Modernists did so that they didn’t end up doing moronic stuff like Stella or Frankenthaler.

    You seem to dismiss having any drawing skill or traditional education in how to draw as irrelevant. I sense a kind of condescending toward it as “conservative.” Nonsense. It’s the very lifeblood of being able to create. All the animators need to learn how to draw from their imaginations. It’s like a musician saying he doesn’t need to learn how to tune his guitar or play scales. A writer saying he doesn’t need to know grammar or have any vocabulary. A dancer saying they can just put on rollerskates and wing it. (Rauschenberg reference)…. That’s the Duchamp/Greenberg disease that’s turned art into a Carny Sideshow attraction far less exciting than the real carny stuff like Cirque du Soleil. James Turrell, and Jeff Koons among others had exhibited stuff up… You think people were flocking to pay 100plus bucks a pop to see it when they had J.Lo and Celine Dion as alternatives? Or do you think the truly aesthetically educated would see the Turrell and Koons while the ignorant masses were seeing Blue Man Group?

    I view Turrell and Robert Irwin and Jeff Koons and so on as charlatans. I went through the Robert Irwin show which was entirely vacant and watched about 10 minutes of his video. Moronic. Total bullshit. Just like the adulatory Wechsler book about him. Put yourself in a fucking John C. Lilly sensory deprivation tank and hallucinate if you want to get the real experience rather than standing like a nimrod staring at a white wall. It’s so fucking stupid even stupid Americans won’t go to see it. You have to give the American Avant-Garde establishment credit. They’ve actually sunk below the taste of the American public. Now that’s an achievement. All so they can claim just how superior they are to the average Joe Sixpack. I’ll stick with Joe Sixpack. At least he isn’t stupid enough to stand looking at a fluorescent tube for his art experience.

    And, yeah, I’ll take Blue Man Group and Cirque du Soleil and J. Lo… At least they have some real talent on display. In truth, I voted for J. Lo but couldn’t convince the others with me to go along.

    Personally, I believe that all this avant-garde American art amounts to is complete arrogance. The American disease. Everyone is better than everyone else depending on which zip code they live in and how expensive their art collection is and what autographed designer brand shoes they wear. Or with Kid Robot collectible they have… I recall in high school that to have a Peters Jacket was the coolest thing one could own. If you didn’t have a Peters Jacket you were a nobody. Your individuality was shown in choosing between the navy blue one or the yellow one. Conservative or Progressive.

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