Rupert is On The CASE!


Whoah Nelly! For a while there I thought I was hallucinating!

But Rupert is on the CASE! The mental cases at the WSJ have reported that Deutsche Bank is at a 30-Year Low after Fed, IMF rebuke! Wow! The Fed and IMF are experts at rebuking banks! If you’re a major bank and want a rebuke be sure to appeal to the Fed and IMF. Discipline ! Discipline!

While the article is a bit dry and sober, as most financial reporting is I suggest you read down through the comments section. That stuff is fall out of your chair hilarious. While dimwitted financial reporters seemingly have little sense of what is going on, per usual, the commenters are having a field day of laughter.

Sick humor, sure. But what other kind do Americans know and love?

Just thought I’d throw in some Communist propaganda regarding Rupert Murdoch. Man, if only Rupert would push aside the Donald and run. We could get some real leadership! Crap… forgot he was a foreigner. He seems so perfectly American!

The bloody CIA! Behind Abstract Expressionists and Clement Greenberg and everything it turns out… Well. I give up… I’m taking out my mighty brush and heading over to the studio where my assistants have stretched up some 18 x 24 foot canvases. Gotta burn off some of this energy….

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5 Responses to Rupert is On The CASE!

  1. goetzkluge says:

    Thank you for this one. In Germany we call those living in the north “Fischköppe” (fish heads). Now I saw one in your blog. Genetically I am half a Fischkopp. You don’t want to know how I might look like 😉

  2. goetzkluge says:

    Do you know the title and the date of that fish head? Is it by Arcimboldo or just arcimboldish?

  3. trueoutsider says:

    Well, you will need to remedy the fact that I’ve never seen your picture if you ever want to be part of the subconscious cast of characters in my drawings. (A dubious distinction, admittedly). That is the real Arcimboldo or rather a digitized version of a painting by somebody named Arcimboldo of which quite little is known (painter for the Hapsburgs). The Denver Museum even owns one believe it or not. Just as The University of Boulder down the road 45 minutes owns a very insightful cache of Lewis Carroll letters that have shed some substantial new insights on this mystery-enshrouded Anglican Deacon. Let me get back to you on title and date. I have a number of portraits that folks in this here hicksville of the Southwest refer to as Arcimboldish. Or rather the one folk who has some vague knowledge of art history.
    Thanks for the reassurance that all is solid at Deutschebank…. Whew… That’s a relief. Who was that other dang German cat who said “Everything solid melts into air.”? So you’re a man of the North! I’m a man of the South but I paint and draw like a man of the North… Strange, that.

    A great short story that I highly recommend from another Hapsburgian for you and any other person interested in real art history. Stefan Zweig’s The Invisible Collection. “This is the story of about the strangest thing that I’ve encountered, old art dealer that I am.” It’s rumored over here that Germans still read books! Can that really be the case? If so, this one gets my highest recommendation. I myself have little time for books these days as I go about my frenzied Cassandra-like duties.

    I’m going up to Canada for 10 days in August so my wife and I can visit our son who is in an animation workshop and also visit other relatives living in Toronto and parts north… Ah.. So there is a northern part to me as well. But are there any Canadian Surrealists? Have to look into that. Fish play a big part in Brueghel’s paintings among others. Big fish eat the little fish, etc… ..

    I read on Wiki that art scholars (oxymoron if I ever heard one) “debate whether his paintings were whimsical or the product of a deranged mind.” Not sure about Arcimboldo’s work but my work is certainly the latter.

  4. trueoutsider says:

    OK. G, sorry for delay. The Arcimboldo I posted is :
    labelled “mannerist”, whatever that is supposed to mean as a meaningful designation. It’s genre is Allegorical Painting (hey! I do lots of those!), oil on wood, 52 x 67 cm. Is next door to you where all the Brueghels I have never seen are kept (“but of course, right?” as CG Jung would say in that impenetrable language he spoke). It’s from the series “The Elements” and called “Water.”..

    Come to think of it I’m an Aquarius. Isn’t that the water sign? Sounds like it. Age of Aquarius.. We all used to grow our hair long and run around nude singing it on stage. Much groovier and cooler than Marina and her sado/masochistic art cult gibberish. That woman needs to see a serious shrink,perhaps one of the ones who designed the Guantanamo program. What a country. Boy o boy. Working out great. No waterboarding but a couple enemas a day wouldn’t hurt, as I don’t believe in torture except for the kind I inflict on myself if I ever have to venture onto Facebook.

    This is why I stay well away from licensed psychiatrists and prefer to do my own psychoanalysis with the help of various TV gurus like Dr. Phil.

    Let me look up the Denver painting. I also saw one at the National Gallery in DC when I was there trying to burn off the toxins from my trip to Vegas. Meanwhile, readers may take a few lessons from the great man himself.

  5. trueoutsider says:

    Well, in case anyone is coming to Denver here are the amazing and fun activities for you to participate in at the Denver Art Museum this month alone. And gee gang! The Star Wars show is just around the corner. I’ll see if I can get down there and review it for my art blog and perhaps boost my sagging viewership numbers.

    Here we go: Brewing a DAM facebook contest!!! (Facebook and Art together! Grooviest!)’ See Posters by Acclaimed Colorado Designers!; Community Members Tell Why We Dance!; SCFD Renewal on Ballots this November!; Building New Walls for a New Art Exhibition! (this one you don’t want to miss!); Plaza Installation Inspired by Dance!!! (that deserves three exclamation points); The 3 Unifiers of Japan; Explore Music at Program for People with Alzheimer’s Disease (too bad my friend Shep missed that one. It would have made him so, so happy and he would have felt so loved); Join Us for Storytelling in English and Spanish!; Los Cuentos en Espanol Empiezan Este Verano (for immigrants who don’t care to learn English as it has to many rules which is why our grade schoolers don’t bother learning it); Enjoy Art by Denver Public School Students (All the budding local talent made by these grade schoolers); Celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week (while cutting their paychecks); The Samurai Influence on Star Wars;;;;

    Fuck me… had enough yet? Well there’s plenty more going on!

    Watch a Samurai Preview (video) and Learn What Visitors are Saying (or check it out on Facebook!); The Force is Strong with Our Members (Star Wars is almost here!); Enjoy Dance Performances, Exhibitions and More at the Denver Art Museum!; Take Home a Souvenir of Your Visit to Samurai!; Creating a Welcomimg Environment for People with Autism (Hey! A show for my category! I was about to file a letter of discrimination!); Join the Denver Art Museum for Dia del Nino (including a variety of performances); Participate in project with artists Viviane Le Courtois (learn about art by crocheting out of yarn or wool or donate a lock of hair for her Global Thinking Pod.)

    There are 8 more pages of activities this long so come on down kids. But keep in mind nobody over 13 years of age is going to be admitted.

    The greatness of America is that now real good old common folks can go to the museum and not have to walk around looking a bunch of stupid paintings and sculptures. They can make their own or have their kids make them. Plus sing and dance and interact with C3PIO and what’s his name again? oh yeah. Wookie and Gookie and Prince Wanksalot.

    Sorry. Couldn’t find the Arcimboldo. It’s probably in the warehouse so they can make room for all the great fun and activities.

    But, ask yourself this …. under Tag: Arcimboldo on the DAM website:
    “What do samurai, horses, guitars, fruits and vegetables, monster puppets, and blocks all have in common? For starters, these are items that all currently adorn my (somewhat messy) desk. My amazing job at the Denver Art Museum is to develop new gallery games, art backpacks, and installed interactive interactive spaces for families. One of the most fun parts of my job is that I get to create and test prototypes. (Check out the IDEO labs blog for more info about prototyping: Go ahead, boys and girls! You will see how to play the Arcimboldo portrait game! There’s also a tiny little repro of the Arcimboldo in the collection. Maybe some of the more creative kids can draw fluorescent marker moustache and eyeglass on it!

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