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Humpty Dumpty Falling Down

Two pieces that should be read back to back. First the Kimball piece, where the pomposity and irrelevance of today’s “avant-garde” is shredded in a quite funny comic satire (unless you’re a big fan of contempo avant-garde that is). I … Continue reading

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Bored and Losing MY Hair!

I thought I’d put up this video of myself dressed up as Professor Richard Walter, an art expert from UCLA. Notice how cranky and pompous I am.. And boring beyond belief… But I know all about art and that’s why … Continue reading

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Book ‘Em, Dano

Police questioned schoolkids about brownies, name-calling, a zombie drawing Citizens! You can sleep sound in your beds tonight knowing that the police are on the job round the clock at local elementary schools making certain that kids using politically incorrect … Continue reading

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Moonlight In Vermont, pen and ink, in progress and deterioration simultaneously, 2016 Thought I would put up a link to a couple shows I’d really have loved to see. I did see a show of American Prints at the National … Continue reading

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The True and Only Heaven

Dog Sunk Up to His Neck in Shit by Don Francisco José de Goya y Lucientes OK, gang. Let’s get settled down a bit. Time to post something clear and lucid, in other words something written by a real writer. … Continue reading

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Lehman Moment Update

I reported in my June 30 post that there was a Lehman Moment developing, and here it is that I now run across Bloomberg News in a piece dated July 4 that Brexit is a Lehman Moment.  You can always count on the … Continue reading

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Eric Wayne on Self-Delusion

By whatever happenstance, I’ve finally run across another artist who is roughly on the same page as I am vis-a-vis the New York School. Eric Wayne in his 10 Abstract Expressionists, and the Signature Styles that Killed Them has succinctly summarized a … Continue reading

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