Bored and Losing MY Hair!

I thought I’d put up this video of myself dressed up as Professor Richard Walter, an art expert from UCLA. Notice how cranky and pompous I am.. And boring beyond belief… But I know all about art and that’s why I teach at UCLA. Let me explain the difference between Bad Art and Great Art to to the rest of you idiots. I’m a fascinating speaker in real life, as you can get just a taste of on my video below. Just listen. Riveting stuff here. Not boring! This is not boring at all! Hold onto your seat belts!

I’ve come across this unbelievably angry guy. An incredibly reactionary nutcase. Practically screaming into the camera. No idea what this guy is talking about. Don’t think he gets it at all. He needs to take a few classes with Professor Richard Walter at UCLA if he wasn’t to get wised up about what is Bad Art and what is Great Art, as he is obviously clueless.

OK… enough intellectual stimulation… Cue up the Jewish rock guitarist playing back in the days of yore. Excuse the comatose audience. Guess they were expecting Eagles of Death Metal or Bruno Mars.

Or this.. Eagles of Death Metal got nothin on this… :

One more while I reel in the years, introduced by Bill Cosby. Or maybe that’s just an acid flashback I’m having. God Help America!:

I’m on a roll… what next? No suggestions. Dead silence, as usual… How about the Zombies? Hot babe alert!

Here’s one for Goetz (Lewis Carroll reference here). Rock trivia: The lead singer slept with Jim Morrison.


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2 Responses to Bored and Losing MY Hair!

  1. trueoutsider says:

    And as coincidence would have it, the rhythm of the Airplane turned into Hot Tuna who are playing here in Denver tonight. Fantastic musicians. Wish I could see them but money is short. I saw them play some years ago at Taos Music Festival. The main act was Harry Belafonte. All right!

    Here are Jorma and Jack (guitar and bass in White Rabbit video) in later life. Country Blues (traditional):

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