We’re No. 28! We’re No. 28!

fuhgeddabouditHere are the latest statistics (compiled by The Lancet) and published by Bloomberg showing the US in the number 28 spot in performance based on measures of dozens of factors including diseases, suicide rates, road injuries, smoking, water quality, and war . This puts us just ahead of Estonia. On the bright side, we’re out in front of most of the pack in the prevalence of personal hygiene among our citizenry.

Strange how all the other countries doing better than us are all doing the best they can to imitate us and join up with us in our various war projects and expansion of our democracy to the less fortunate. Guess they don’t read Bloomberg news.

Skimming over Lionel Shriver’s new novel, The Mandibles, I note that she makes a pretty good case for the total disintegration of the US into a police state complete with implanted chips and lack of vital resources like drinking water in sufficient quantity. Looks pretty plausible to me, but I’m invariably pessimistic, always looking for the negative and ignoring the brighter things like good personal hygiene where we are excelling. As well as being more heavily armed than all the other countries combined and ready to go into action at the drop of a hat.

Really looking forward to the upcoming debates between Trump and Hillary. Watching two intellectual giants with impeccable records of honesty and public service will doubtless be an illuminating experience. Not to mention all the great ideas they have for getting the country back on track.

As far as art goes, oh yeah… gotta keep up with those developments as I know that with so much depressing news in the real world, the art world is invariably cheery and positive and moving forward into a new golden era. So let us follow the latest conceptual investigations but a PostModern British absurdist. When it comes to absurdity, we’re certainly far up there on the charts as well, but in my humble opinion I think the Brits, as personified by this daring conceptual thinker, have us beat.

I’ve been pondering the question that she asks in this Hyperallergic report for the last couple days wracking my brains for the answer. “Some of the containers contain animal skins,… What did they die for??” I can’t imagine. I had no idea animals skins were alive in the first place. Conceptual Artists teach us so much about life!

I’ve been calling the Pres race for Hillary, particularly since so many upright Republicans are behind her: the Koch Brothers, Jeb Bush, Meg Whitman, Richard Armitage, Brent Scowcroft, Max Boot, Ken Adelman. And when so many pillars of the Neocon community like Dick Cheney have endorsed her foreign policy decisions and capabilities to carry on our multi-front wars as well as the top minds of our financial community like Hank Paulson vouching for her ability to steer our complex financial system (by appointing them to top positions) it actually boggles my mind that Trump could be anywhere near her in the polls.

And then there’s this super bright Prof at American University who’s predicted 30 years of Presidential outcomes saying that it’s going to break for Trump in November.

So guys, to be honest, my crystal ball is totally fogged up. Fuhgeddaboudit! But it’s clear that things have really gone haywire in the US when one of the upper crust has to put up with a poorly decorated birthday cake for her son. And since when does drop kicking a birthday cake with a botched Batman v. Superman theme constitute a temper tantrum? Doesn’t a wealthy paying customer have the right to criticize the kind of shoddy work that these working-class incompetents are always trying to put over on the impeccable standards for birthday cakes that the wealthy residents of Bloomfield Hills are at their wit’s end trying to maintain?

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