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The Problem with Pollock

Pollock Ellwell Hopper Ernst Bacon There’s more than a little irony in the fact that a self-enclosed and self-admiring Contemporary Art academy of thoroughly doctrinaire beliefs that have been repeated ad infinitum and religiously for at least a half a … Continue reading

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Welcome to My Nightmare

Another rant… why not? I’m rolling along… Like a Rolling Stone… No direction known. A complete unknown. Happy go lucky. Nobel Prizewinners conferring on World Peace and Social Justice (above) “That this new deed of Hitler is another milestone on … Continue reading

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Another Rant

In trying to write a post on Pollock I’ve become thoroughly depressed. I used to like Pollock. I recall going to the 1999 MoMA Retrospective and being impressed. Great stuff. Energy made Visible! Yay! Now I look at the work and … Continue reading

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Art Conspiracies

Ilya Repin, Religious Procession in Kursk Province, oil on canvas Here’s another article in Hyperallergic which runs through what should by now be familiar to anybody who has been regularly reading my blog regarding the story of how the CIA/MoMA/USgov/Greenberg put over Abstract … Continue reading

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Bob Dylan 2

Keith Potter complains: “Come on Don, the man is awesome, ‘The pump don’t work cos the vandals took the handles’ this phrase alone deserves a Literature prize. I like his ‘Bobness’. Even his harmonica playing!” T.O.: Glad he makes you happy, … Continue reading

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Congrats to Bob Dylan

Great to see the Nobel Committee has finally stopped giving out awards to duds like T.S. Eliot, Faulkner, Hemingway, Steinbeck, Bellow and other surly males lacking the kind of sensitivity that Bob Dylan with his concerns for racial justice and the … Continue reading

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CIA funding 2

Friedel Dzubas “Pictures from all stages of Dzubas’s art since the 40’s will in time to come thrust themselves increasingly into attention: enough of them to establish him once and for all where he belongs, which is on the heights.” … Continue reading

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