The End of America, Gangnam Style

clintonAnyone interested in viewing the future of America, you’re looking at it. At this point the present is the future. Mindless lemmings taking their own pictures in front of the grotesque corporate-owned robot Hillary. We need perhaps a Jeff Koons or one of our great kitsch stylists to hire artisans to make immortal plastic statues and cart the whole display over to Madame Tussaud’s in Las Vegas so that future generations can get a look at the high point of American Democracy in 2016.

Masochist that I am, I actually watched the non-debate of two “candidates” with all the integrity, deeply held convictions and benevolent intentions toward the brainwashed multitudes supporting them of Goldman Sachs’ Jamie Dimon. I don’t understand why he or Lloyd Blankfein don’t run for election so we can cut out the brain dead middlemen and put the owners of America in the Oval Office instead of their proxies.

Yes, I realize Americans need to live in a delusional world where they imagine that they’re a free and independent thinking people carefully weighing the choices offered them by entirely different political parties who are doing their level best to represent the will of the American people, as if the American people possess any kind of will or notion of what they’re doing or where they’re going, other than the local Nascar event, stadium rock concert or shopping mall. With maybe a week spent in Las Vegas on their yearly vacations. This year is a remarkable pinnacle where the choices have been narrowed down to selecting either the man who will make America great again or the woman who will make an already great America even greater.

The excitement in the air is palpable.

Fortunately, in the case of Hillary, she’s condensed all her elaborate brainwork into handy slogans that we must all put on our refrigerators or over the bathroom mirror so we can keep in mind what she’s promising to deliver: “Fighting for us.” (Whoever we are.)

“Breaking down barriers.” (The one or two left before we reach total insanity;)

“Stronger together”. (Those in the 1 percent.)

“I’m With Her” (It’s Hillary’s turn!)

“Love trumps hate.” (Think about it.)

Actually I would have preferred “All you need is love.” Or perhaps “Love is all you need” with LOVE spelled in capital letters and silkscreened by Shephard Fairey with a nod to the famous LOVE painting of the Pop genius Robert Indiana.


The great achievement of the Pop Era was to reduce all complex thought to it’s essentials, just as the great men of the 1950s-era reduced painting to a few color blobs, grids, drips, spray painted, tie-dyed and shaped canvases. What would America do without its high culture, I often wonder to myself while relaxing at my local spa taking a hot stone massage.

Odd thoughts roll through my becalmed brain, as the soothing scents of lavender mixed into the coconut oil my masseuse is rubbing me down with while one of my many studio assistants (all named Geoffrey so I don’t have to memorize names) writes down my three- word art messages which are a play on Barbara Kruger’s three-word art messages which her fans (and my imaginary fans) find provide both solace and zen insights simultaneously in these troubled times in which we live (as consumer robots).

I imagine a bright future ahead where Hillary’s first cabinet pick will be Barbara Kruger chairing the Department of Education. I’ve sent in this suggestion telepathically, along with the love vibrations I constantly radiate, as well as the recommendation that Barbara’s educational maxims be put on the wall next to President Hillary’s picture which will hang in every classroom in America underneath an American Flag reproduction of the famous Jasper Johns painting. The ritalin-sedated children will start each day off repeating the Pledge of Allegiance Human Microphone style in recognition of the Occupy Wall Street protests that woke Americans up from their slumbers for a few weeks before they got bored with it all and went back into their slumbers in preparation for the current election.

Like Clinton’s campaign slogan writers Kruger has a way of cutting thought down so close to the bone that it ceases to exist entirely.

There are so many brilliant aphorisms, it’s hard to narrow them down. Perhaps each classroom can vote, getting them involved in what democracy is all about, adding a personal touch to their own classroom. There are so many examples to select from. Below are just a few random selections. As they’re all separate but equally illuminating any one of them will do just fine.

“Gender is irrelevant.”

“It’s all about me. I mean you. I mean me.”

“Pro-life for the unborn. Pro-death for the born.”

“You don’t controll you mind.” [sic]

“Love hurts.”

“Love for sale.”

“In space no one can hear you scream.”

Maybe Banksy can create a stencil with the word LOVE cut out and each student could have it spray painted on his forehead. This would insure that if anyone uses insensitive language that will harm another student all that child need do is point to the LOVE sign and shake an admonishing finger at the miscreant.

I’ve been thinking a lot about that last quotation of future Chairman Kruger’s “In space no one can hear you scream.”

It brings to mind Stephen Hawking and his plans to get those special few (who like himself can afford it) up to their high tech homes on Mars. As Stephen warns us, this planet is good and fucked. And if Mars colonies are started we don’t want to start them off with a defective gene pool of low-income losers who haven’t made the grade in terms of Darwinian natural selection. The robots can handle the menial jobs and leave the brilliant high-income residents time to think up new high-tech solutions to whatever problems Mars presents them with.

And  while “billionaire tech idealist and space entrepreneur” Elon Musk puts his money and brains (or lack of them) to no good use for no more than a handful of wealthy people like himself who are even more deluded than the American electorate, that same electorate can be left behind to be melted down by global warming Donald Trump doesn’t believe in. What’s he got to worry about as he’ll be on the Mars shuttle?

Meanwhile, as all this techno-wonderland marvel is being put together (or back together I should say since the first rocket blew up a couple weeks ago) Stevie H can keep himself occupied out in California setting an example for the all schoolchildren of earth who want to grow up to be brilliant scientists like Himself. While reading the link below I suggest a martini, shaken not stirred, and a bit of mood music by Marvin Gaye, which is provided below the link.

Let’s get it on.

Everybody dance… Gangnam style!


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2 Responses to The End of America, Gangnam Style

  1. Eric Wayne says:

    Time for a new rant, man. “Rant Man”, now that’s a Super Hero I might not find critically boring. Your fan(s) await.

  2. trueoutsider says:

    Well, I don’t see myself as ranting any more than Copernicus was ranting by insisting that the earth wasn’t the center of the universe.

    But if you see it that way it’s fine with me, as I keep saying. I don’t really have any axe to grind. In fact, the more I keep exploring these various threads I began pulling on a while back the more it’s like peeling an onion (to switch metaphors).

    I did a post on Pollock a few days ago and haven’t posted it yet because, in fact, I found it a bit disturbing myself. I went back to the catalog from the 1999 MoMA retrospective that I saw of his work, and which I was quite impressed with myself, only to find that I found almost all the work to look either completely tired looking or frankly terrible.

    Take a look at a painting like Stenographic Figure, which was raved about as a work of genius, and bought by MoMA. What do you think of that painting?

    While you, and others, may think that I’m taking some kind of delight in shattering the work of artists like Pollock, I’m actually not happy about it at all. I find it disturbing to go back to work that I used to have enormous respect and admiration for and find that it has turned to ashes in front of my eyes.

    I also did a post about the CIA’s secret art collection after my wife sent me a link to a hyperallergic article about it. But I hesitate to post that as well.

    My mind keeps returning to Sigmund Freud’s “The Future of an Illusion”… and I keep wondering why the works we’ve elevated to the cultural heights are based in nihilistic destructive rage from Picasso/Bacon to de Kooning to Basquiat. From Dadaism to Neo-Dadaist repetitions the work is clearly destructive and hostile toward the Western Tradition of painting or any other culture for that matter.

    Personally, I see the work of those artists as little more than ranting against past art. Drawing a moustache on the Mona Lisa is hardly an act of homage. If one doesn’t see it as hostile, I think one isn’t seeing it very clearly at all. Not to mention Duchamp’s last work of a female corpse with exposed vagina. …. Look at Man Ray or Bellmer’s sado-masochist photographs.. Or Mapplethorpe’s work for that matter. And we find all of this “beautiful.” As if the subject matter makes no difference whatsoever? And it’s all about nice forms and high-definition photographic methods.

    I paged through a book of Erotic photos yesterday. What do you think the “erotic” amounted to? Invariably s/m type material. Various shots that if they weren’t in Fine Art Galleries would be seen as cheap pornography.

    Why is it that we’re in a cultural moment where works of obvious visual hostility toward the female form (and male as well) are viewed as beautiful works of art? That we’re exploring new boundaries of artistic expression?

    And why are my critiques of this kind of nihilism viewed as ranting and either ignored or denounced with complete hostility? Even more bizarre to me is that the artists or art lovers who defend every kind of decadence as being the height of cultural achievement view any kind of objections I have as being those of a “reactionary” or “conservative” who is no doubt a Republican. …

    While Hillary Clinton, the patron saint of the Liberal Art world is making Senator Joseph McCarthy and his 1950s red-baiting seem mild. I don’t recall that McCarthy was suggesting we attack the Soviet Union, just purge ourselves of all the Commie traitors. In effect, Donald Trump isn’t a tough enough realist who sees the threat of Hitler-Putin and is actually a Russian puppet?

    I don’t see myself as ranting at all. I’m simply pointing to the fact that I find our populace either entirely ignorant of prevailing realities or stark raving mad. I also find that Piss paintings and urinals and buttplugs and empty abstract nothingness perfect reflections of our condition.

    I certainly don’t think that my blog writing will have even the slightest effect on where this is all headed. And as many artists have told me that I’m driving readers away they apparently don’t understand that I’m not selling anything here, nor do I have any interest in swaying anyone to my own view of things. That I’m entirely ignored is actually a bit of a comfort as it helps me keep up my own tattered illusion that I’m really just a complete madman, and that I lost my mind a long time ago.

    Things are actually going really well and there’s nothing to be worried about, since other people are perfectly happy and content and their chief concerns are centered around when the new VR helmets will arrive with all the great art designed by all the great artists who designed it all just for them.

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