Superbugs and Supermorons

herri-met-de-blesHerri met de Bles, A Fantastical Moonlit Landscape with St. Christopher Carrying the Christ Child Across a River, 16th century

Here’s a piece in the LA Times reporting that thousands of patients in California hospitals are dying from infections they pick up in the hospitals, any number of them from antibiotic resistant superbugs. This also points out the fact, that contrary to the routine blather by politicians that we have the greatest health care system in the world it’s largely unavailable to the citizens of the US.

See also Paddy Chayevsky The Hospital (1971) and/or the updated version of NYC hospitals Nurse Jackie (2009-2015).

But enough melancholy. For lighthearted humor news I suggest this story in the Hollywood Reporter (the pinnacle of American journalism IMHO), PANIC, ANXIETY SPARK RUSH TO BUILD LUXURY BUNKERS FOR L.A.’S SUPERRICH. This has been going on for many years of course and while there’s a sizable uptick in construction because of the threat to them they see posed by the matching twin grotesques Trump/Clinton. While Stephen Hawking and company are taking the exploding rockets of Elon Musk up to their Mars colonies (no doubt complete with lap dancers to take the edge of Hawking‘s and others voyages)  a good chunk of the supermoron class that have destroyed the country are planning to stay on the planet in vast entertainment bunkers underground where they will communicate back and forth through the communication systems that the people above ground will happily be maintaining for them.

They’re no doubt completely secure from attack by desperate surface people deprived of the means of survival as planetary temperatures rise to levels making much of life on earth unsustainable. No doubt the workers who built their superbunkers, as well as all the family and friends who were well aware of what they were building will have forgotten where food and vast riches can be found and they’ll no doubt be without access to the weapons and explosives they’ll need to to get to them.

As a matter of fact, I know all about Shirley McLaine’s underground bunker from one of the guys who built it. Certainly she’s in no danger whatsoever at the moment, but if the circumstances that she imagines will occur in the future actually do occur she is good and fucked. How she doesn’t know or understand this is testimony to not only the low intelligence of the supermoron superrich but to the fact that spending one’s life in the Hollywood/California fantasy world (which extends across all 50 states and beyond).

In case my readers are unaware, the supermorons at the top and in the government consider all of you morons as well. As this new study (probably by government) indicates Washington’s governing elites think we’re all morons. And, really, I don’t see how their belief can be refuted, as we’re the ones who elected them.

Naturally, this is the reasoning of the supermoron class. That in the Mad Max world of the future they’re obviously envisioning (as they’re spending billions preparing for its eventuality) the morons up above them will be completely incapable of finding them and bombing them out of their delusions.

IMHO, while I think the American people are largely living in total fantasy at the moment, if things do go south they’ll be more than capable of finding these superbunkers, just as much as they were perfectly capable from finding gold in the Black Hills, California, Alaska and throughout the country and extracting it in ways far more difficult to manage than it will be to knock over any bunker the superrich luxury bunker these flaming idiots think is going to protect them.

Meanwhile, let us pray.


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6 Responses to Superbugs and Supermorons

  1. Eric Wayne says:

    Such a good science fiction movie in the making.

    • wewordsmiths says:

      It was already made a while ago: A BOY AND HIS DOG. Before MAD MAX. Unlike MAX, the narrative includes a Mandarin class, living underground in their own Bunkertowns, dried out and impotent. Starring a young Don Johnson. Also Jason Robards, and Susanne Benton as the “ingenue” along the way, and in the final “shocking” scene. (Not at all, but a purely accurate display of complete degradation.)

      • trueoutsider says:

        Written by Harlan Ellision… but way too slow… All that walking around? Were there even any cars? It flopped if I remember, like Altman’s Quintet around the same time… This is back when scientists expected a new ice age. .

        No cars, action, super heroics? What was Altman thinking?

  2. trueoutsider says:

    Yeah. Where’s Philip K. Dick when we need him?

  3. wewordsmiths says:

    It was perhaps, a bit slow moving for me. But no, I didn’t miss the ubiquitous fastcars or endless explosions of later patent HOLLYWOOD.

    Here’s Ellison’s DREAMS WITH SHARP TEETH. Worthwhile. Trenchant. Amusing. Naturally, egotistical.

  4. trueoutsider says:

    Enjoyed the trailer. Will have to keep my eyes open for the film… Calling people morons? What a monster! Yes, certainly an egomaniac of the worst sort.

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