Welcome to My Nightmare

Another rant… why not? I’m rolling along… Like a Rolling Stone… No direction known. A complete unknown. Happy go lucky.

President Barack Obama presents rock legend Bob Dylan with a Medal of Freedom, Tuesday, May 29, 2012, during a ceremony at the White House in Washington. (AP Photo/Charles Dharapak)

President Barack Obama presents rock legend Bob Dylan with a Medal of Freedom, Tuesday, May 29, 2012, during a ceremony at the White House in Washington. (AP Photo/Charles Dharapak)

Nobel Prizewinners conferring on World Peace and Social Justice (above)

“That this new deed of Hitler is another milestone on the way to hell’s jaws of destruction seems hardly to have entered the consciousness.”–’Germany Report’ of the Sopade, April 1936

One of the more interesting stories I’ve run across in the past two days was in the New York Post. It was reported that Hillary’s 33,000 emails might not be ‘missing’ after all. (note the might in the title). I tend to believe the piece is true as I expect that once Hillary is elected we’ll start on a long run of Congressional investigations into the Clinton Foundation and so on. At least I’m hoping it will happen as I imagine it’s the only thing that is going to put a wrench in Hillary’s and the NeoCon cabal she fronts for plunging us further into World War III.

I also expect that Clinton’s lifelong and continuing predatory behavior towards women (see link) will get some of the attention that is now solely directed at Trumps abusive behavior.  You never know, but I won’t be surprised if once Hillary’s safely ensconced in office the public will be treated to stories of both Trump and Clinton being part of the exclusive cast invited to Jeffrey Epstein’s Sex Slave Island.

I suggest one of the more enterprising artists out there do a imaginary painting of some of the participants along with the title “Sex Slave Island.” Who knows? You might even be the next John Currin. Or if you don’t feel like putting in the time learning how to paint you can be the next Nicole Eisenman.  As Hyperallergic pronounces: she’s A Truly Great Artist, the heir of Munch, Ensor, Modersohn-Becker (the lobotomized American version, of course). Truly great art. Who can argue? And it’s been great to play pretend. Just look at how Nicole keeps to it fuliginously  flat. God forbid anyone learns to model a figure. It would be the end of contemporary American art as we know it.


The Nation has an illuminating piece on the Neocon cabal of morons spearheaded by Frau Hillary:  “The Geniuses Who Brought You the Iraq War Art at It Again. Has anybody in the art world happened to notice that the Democratic Party been transformed into the Republican Party of Bush/Cheney. Read the Nation article. Actually, don’t bother. You  either won’t understand it or you’ll deny it all the way to the grave as you vote for the same war criminals that during the Bush years you were screaming bloody murder about war crimes.

I know. War crimes are ok, as long as they’re committed by your own war criminals. I recall LBJ’s remark about the CIA activities in 1963: “We had been running a damned Murder Inc. in the Caribbean.” Back then the Democratic Party thought extra-judicial assassinations were illegal. Nowadays, it’s the heart of the Democratic Party who meet weekly to carry out drone assassinations. And we accept all this blithely, without even a murmur of protests. In fact, it’s just. Whoever our military intelligence says should be assassinated should be assassinated.

Why not dispense with the criminal justice system altogether? Why should any criminals be tried at all? Our police force and elected Democratic Leaders can line them up and shoot those.

I recently read a Norman Pollock about America’s descent into fascism (that Artworld, Inc. knows nothing about) that concludes:

Thus, only days remain in the exercise of meaningless choice. After that, one can expect few impedances to the downward cast of policy, with increasing risks of war, class division, false consciousness to grease the rails of additional discontents as context for resentments and hatreds poisoning the atmosphere. More environmental spoliation, more gun violence, as tokens of the wayward path to fascism.

False consciousness. That’s where the artists come in. Pick up an art magazine. Hit Hyperallergic and read the headings.  “Invisible Ceramics and Women Made of Bread Fill a European Art Park”; “The 18th-Century Devotional Painting that Documents a Brutal Mastectomy.” Here are three must reads: “#DecolonizeThisPlace Demands Removal of Natural History Museum’s Roosevelt Statue [UPDATED]”; “Topless Femen Protesters ‘Salute’ Marine Le Pen for Her Fascist Politics”; “Feminist Activists Bleed and Defecate on Islamic State Flag #NSFW”…

“…restorers discovered a previously unknown work by Ernst Ludwig Kirchner at the Stadel Museum and Pussy Riot released a new track titled “Straight Outta Vagina.”

“…If you can’t say it with words, you can now say it with expressions from Old Masters paintings. “Getting donuts. Do you want one?” “I’m gluten free.”

…”On the way to the next room, we pass a man in a makeshift hazmat suit. He’s demented with glee, bobbing in a sea of shredded ballots.”

…”Critiques of FEMEN are widely circulated and easily accessible. They include the ways FEMEN reinforces and perpetuates three very dangerous claims at once: a deep rooted Islamophobia and racism embodied in current American and European politics; the equally problematic assumption that there is a singular, universal feminist position; and the arrogance to …. blah blah blah”

… “There may have been mastectomies performed in the colonial Americas; surely this woman was not alone,” Oles said. “I doubt they were visually documented, however–indeed, they aren’t usually visually documented today….”

Is this all that art amounts to now? Who is interested in any of this outside of people in Art World Coma land?

How about this one:

“Dealer Mary Boone Accuses Actor Alec Baldwin of Tax Evasion”

Shocking!! Throw him in jail next to Donald Trump! How does Mary Boone know Baldwin is evading taxes? Have her accountants gone over his books? I still gotta read the article and find out… Will get back to you.

The National Enquirer Art World.

Do the arts represent anything outside of the total incoherence of a collapsing society. Is that what art is saying to us? I’m working on a painting now that’s a metaphor for todays artworld… it’s a frenzied battle (a la the one between Carnival and Lent) of psych ward patients in full on battle against rest home filled with Alzheimer’s patients.

No. I’m not working on a painting of it. I lied. I’ve been making drawings of it… for the last 20 years…

I like to lie… It makes me feel more a part of things. Isn’t that what art is all about? How does it go… “If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullshit.” The brilliance of Nicole Eisenman and John Currin…. How many more brilliant stars will the art world produce before the planet goes up in smoke is anybody’s guess? I’m thinking somewhere in the vicinity of 2.5 million of them.

And, no, I can’t predict when the planet will go up in smoke.., But I can dream, can’t I? The American Dream… Let’s make it happen, guys! Come on, now.. Nuke Russia! I’m tired of having that Hitler threaten us. Thank God, we’re electing a President with not just the ability to see that Putin is Hitler, but who will make sure he’s stopped before he takes over Europe and the Middle East!

At least we’ll have  destroyed 2/3 of wildlife within the next 4 years. Who need it when we’ve got exciting VR porn on the horizon. I’ve talked it over with my business partners and we’re putting together the plans now to open VR porn shops in close proximity to the 47 licensed recreational pot shots in Denver. OK. I admit that I had a few moral qualms about it. But they were completely laid to rest after smoking my third joint.

As they say, idle hands are the devil’s workshop. Oh, yes… on the Hillary emails my tendency to thing Comey has got them wrapped and ready to release comes from reading through Edward Klein’s recently published Guilty As Sin. I’d also recommend his Blood Feud for a good look at the real Bill, Hill, Barack, and Miche.

Crazy, man… in the interim while writing this yesterday guess what popped up on the front page of the NY Post? I really love the Post.. their shit is funnier than Amy Schumer or Amy Poehler combined.



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2 Responses to Welcome to My Nightmare

  1. Richard Kurtz says:

    Great Post!

  2. trueoutsider says:

    Thanks, Richard. I may be wrong, but I get the feeling that you’re one of the few artists who are understanding what I’m getting at, who are getting underneath the surface stuff of my writing…the blah, blah, blah…

    Anyway, it’s nice for me to be able to imagine that a few good artists like yourself are reading from time to time. And I greatly appreciate hearing from you and hope you get a chance to visit when you’re in town. Best to Jennifer as well.

    I’d like to also recommend another book I think you might enjoy written by a former Nobel Prize winner (back when they gave the award to writers). J.M.G. Le Clezio’s “The Mexican Dream: Or, The Interrupted Thought of Amerindian Civilizations.” Anne Pons at L’Express wrote the primary concern of the book is “magical thinking struggling with modern civilization.” That’s been my own lifelong struggle.

    Interesting, LeClezio taught for years in Albuquerque and from his wiki page I find out that he and his wife divide their time between there, Nice and Mauritius. It’s a fantastic book, one of the best I’ve read on Mexico and I’ve read a great deal about Mexico which in many ways is my deepest source of inspiration after spending much time traveling alone through it when I was in art school in Chicago. My experience in Art School was thoroughly insignificant compared to the experiences I had traveling in Mexico. And also in Europe, particularly in Spain and Portugal.

    The fact of the matter is that I feel little to no connection whatsoever to Contemporary Art–which I find universally cold and sterile. If it has any point beyond reporting on its own demise, I’m hard pressed to know what that point would be. The only place I can see any kind of revival of art coming from is with an involvement the deeper recesses of the art of the past, not the kind of surface effects being copied now in “academies”.

    Copying the styles and techniques of Old Master paintings or “slick” hyperrealist techniques are simply part and parcel of the techno-narcissism that is destroying not just culture, the planet itself. I have my doubt about whether we artists can stave off this final destruction, but I think the last thing we should want to be doing is to be joining up on its bandwagon.

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