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The Big Lie

Bart Johnson, Cave of Nightmares, oil on panel, date unknowable “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.” –Joseph Goebbels The Big Lie is what the perpetual round the clock blast … Continue reading

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More Propaganda

Corbett Report’s funny response to the accusation by WaPo of him being a Russian Propagandist, including a look at “PropOrNot” one of the two “reliable” sources WaPo used to indict 200 alternative sites as Russian dupes: How much more absurd will … Continue reading

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Fake News for a Fake Democracy

  Andre Gregory, in My Dinner with Andre (1981) describing the actual NYC artworld of the early 1980s… bored, boring, and zombified. And now what? Thirty-five years after the con art world is still extolling and imitating exactly the same zombified … Continue reading

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