Fake News for a Fake Democracy


Andre Gregory, in My Dinner with Andre (1981) describing the actual NYC artworld of the early 1980s… bored, boring, and zombified. And now what? Thirty-five years after the con art world is still extolling and imitating exactly the same zombified dead end artwork crowding into hip venues or International Art Fairs where all the new exciting “emerging” NEW art is  flogged by the same commercial hustlers.

And it’s all accompanied by the liberal PC fascism George Carlin describes:

And instead of realizing they’re completely out of step with reality, we have Jeff Bezos’ Washington Post running stories that anyone who doesn’t agree with the Liberal PC line is a Communist subscribing to Russian propaganda. As insane as this charge is, these delusional ninnies and their hysterical followers no doubt believe it.

Rolling Stone’s Matt Taibbi rightly condemns the Post and it’s McArthyite  lies as “shameful and disgusting.” It’s quite surreal to find the Fake News of the corporate mainstream press denouncing the actual news that one can only find through alternative media as Russian propaganda. But that’s the Orwellian world we exist in. People sit glued to their NPR, PBS, Rachel Maddow, New York Times listening to total nonsense. We’ve just seen them spend 6 months getting every single thing completely wrong about the election. For just one example reassuring every one of their listeners that the ascendancy of Trump spelled the total destruction of the Republicans as a viable party. That this was the end of the Republican Party. In case nobody has noticed the Republican Party has virtually demolished the Democrats.

And what is the Dem response? To drift off into total fantasy, calling the few people who were writing serious and truthful analysis of what was happening “Russian” propaganda. The only thing I find of interest at this point in watching this liberal mob of total imbeciles is just what they’re going to come up with next. Of course, they’ll all believe it just so long as nitwits like Tom Friedman and David Brooks and Paul Krugman, who have gotten every conceivable thing possible wrong for decades, tell them what is real and what isn’t.

Hats off to you, George Orwell. You called it, buddy.


I enjoyed this piece by JH Kunstler in relation to what Eric wrote in a comment about how he found himself in the one category in art school, that is invariably either derided or ostracized, straight white males. But this happened long ago with the trashing of the abstract expressionists. It’s simply been codified and repeated endlessly as I note above with the liberal PC line and zombification of art where everything is “art for art’s sake.” In other words art is totally disconnected from the real world but instead addresses itself solely to an infantile pseudo-utopia of how “artists” think the world should be, in accordance to their own individually narcissistic fantasies.

I don’t entirely agree with Kunstler’s piece entirely, but I certainly appreciate that he’s one of the few people who will even address the enormous elephant in the room that all the fantasists choose to ignore. He writes; “Hillary was expected to drive the final wooden stake through masculinity’s demonic heart…but something went wrong..and she was disarmed…and now this cheeto-headed monster in a red necktie is the president-elect. There must have been a clerical error.” And this: “Hillary Clinton’s campaign was engineered from the get-go to complete the demolition of American manhood in what turned out to be a reckless miscalculation.”

Of course, this is what nobody will admit, including the white males themselves who invariably go along with the tiresomely stupid PC line that is obviously only being followed by the dumbest people in society and note that 53 percent of women voters went for Trump. Nobody will admit that the art world has become a vacuous echo chamber of PC posturing. Nobody can admit that it’s all the PC fascism (as Carlin rightly calls it) that has led to the Republicans sitting not just in the White House but are now in their control of the rest of the branches of government. In effect, the PC fascism of the Democrats has insured the real fascism of the Republicans. That’s what has happened. But will the PC libs look around at the ruin they’ve brought to pass? No. It’s everybody else’s fault but theirs. It couldn’t be theirs. They went to Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Stanford.. The only way a moronic Reality TV star jackass is President is that the Russians and the alternative media and the Bernie Sanders voters who stayed home did it.

Rather than recognizing the clear failure and incompetence that have turned them into a failed party we get Bezos’ Washington Post running moronic articles that are, in fact, lies in furtherance of Hilllary’s McArthyite declarations (with no proof whatsoever) that Vladimir Putin has been hacking into DNC email and running propaganda through 200 alternative media sites from Ron Paul on the right to Counterpunch the Left. In other words, virtually anybody who disagrees with whatever the mainstream corporate media, NPR, PBS and the rest of the absurd propaganda machinery the braindead public at large choose as their particular form of infotainment.


As far as white males being in as much or more distress than other groups making much more vociferous claims about their oppression it’s worth looking at the suicide statistics compiled by the CDC. The white male suicide rate in 2014 was 25.8 in 100,000. Well over three times that of the white female suicide rate of 7.5. Black males were at 10.5. Hispanic males 10.3.

So how is it that Hispanics, blacks and women being so furiously oppressed by the white patriarchy are being left in the dust when it comes to white males killing themselves off because they find the world they live in today intolerable?

I wonder when Liberals, which includes the con art world by and large, are ever going to realize that we’re living in a fascist country in all but name…. much less that they’re the ones who bear the responsibility for that being the case. That it isn’t  the Russians! That it isn’t Julian Assange, Ed Snowdon, Bradley Manning. That it isn’t all the “anti-Americans” trying to speak the truth. That it isn’t even some “basket of deplorable” rednecks. That this disaster of an economy and ruin of a culture have been just as much designed and carried out by liberal Democrats as they have been by Republicans. As a matter of fact, the Democrats are the ones responsible for this joke of a culture much more than are the Republicans.

But just keep on pretending that bronze beer cans, and the queens vagina, and tracey emin stuffing cash up her twat, and black dicks hanging out of menswear are exactly what we should be showing in our art museums to show our children true culture. And also keep pretending that this sea of horse shit is somehow not the responsibility of the liberal Art community that has either kept their mouths shut about it or sucked it all down with gusto, showing how wonderfully tolerant and moral they really are.


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2 Responses to Fake News for a Fake Democracy

  1. Eric Wayne says:

    You might find this of interest. This from an article in Hyperallergic called, “Five Ways to Disrupt White Supremacy in the Mainstream Art World”. Consider the effect this “way” might have on white male artists: “fund the work of non-white artists and suppress their white counterparts, censor white productions, belittle the achievements of white people while celebrating non-white people.” Here’s the article: http://hyperallergic.com/254224/five-ways-to-disrupt-white-supremacy-in-the-mainstream-art-world/

  2. trueoutsider says:

    That’s an excellent example of the delusional Dem party. As Chris Lasch wrote many years ago about the culture of Narcissism. In the 1960s the Left found out that it couldn’t do anything to make serious structural changes that might actually improve the lives of working people. Few of them cared as they were student rebels giving the finger to their parents in most cases. Thus they decided to make radical changes in all the things that didn’t matter at all to real working people.

    So instead of fighting racial justice, gender equality, equal pay for equal work, strengthening unions to counterbalance corporate power, genuine health care for all… or any ACTUAL socialist reforms they developed their fantasy land romper room of political correctness. Where white males are stomped on in the arts (stomping on those white males who don’t have any power) because they didn’t have the guts to fight against the white males who do have power.

    So everything becomes symbolic.

    From the Hyperallergic piece:

    “The Black Panther Party leader Huey P. Newton theorized racism as a tool to instill and sustain class oppression and exploitation, a mechanism to ensure the existence of available cheap labor. It follows that in order to eliminate racism everywhere, and that includes the realm of art and aesthetics, we should battle capitalism. However, and this is the however that matters, the argument that political intervention should start with the broadest social underpinning, i.e. class, will eventually resolve all secondary issues (race, gender sexuality, etc.), has done the Left a great disservice. Instead of embracing the abolitionist tendencies of the 1960s social movements, the Left in general, and the art-world Left in particular, busied itself with criticizing identity politics.”

    How moronic is Dr. Nizan Shaked, Associate Prof of Con Art History etc. at Cali Long Beach? Do students actually have to listen to this kind of moron? What world are these people living in besides their own fantasies. She thinks there’s is some Left somewhere outside her own fantasies. Quoting Huey Newton? For fuck’s sake. That battle ended before this nincompoop was even born. She doesn’t realize that a reality TV billionaire just beat a Goldman Sachs puppet to become President of the US?

    She says: What can we do? Her answer:

    “Set aside the semantics and correctly identify the battle.”

    Right. Then what? Spray paint “Stop Racism” in the subways next to your Banksy stencil? Is this woman seriously delusional? Or is she just playing along with this total stupidity because that’s exactly the kind of bullshit thoroughly detached from reality that is the mindless currency of today’s art world.

    She also writes: “Museums should consulting artist boards that reflect the demographics of the social fabric.”

    If this isn’t going to topple the oligarchy I can’t imagine what will. Oh, yes. She also supplies that answer:

    “Programming should reflect a wide array of tastes, approaches, and methodologies, and be publically debated in town-hall meetings. Finally, accessions should be made by tiered systems of peer-review and expert opinion, not by the whims of the financial ruling class.”

    So the whims of the financial ruling class, those whims which have selected all the greatest geniuses from Banksy to Warhol to Keith Haring to Marina Abramovic to Emin and Hirst to ad nauseum fake anti-establishment “power to the people” art, are going to be brought down by having art shows educating the public the the political messages of the Black Panther Party as formulated by Huey P. Newton.

    Apparently Professor Airhead doesn’t get that the con art world is totally designed and controlled and monetized to the skies by the very financial ruling class she laughably imagines she’s attacking. I don’t think even a satirist of the caliber of Swift could have imagined anything as totally farcical as the Con Art of Today. The stuff in that piece has me laughing harder than any satire I’ve ever seen or read.

    Plus I just have to love the white males, like Travis Webb, PhD in Religion at Claremont (is California the epicenter of lib genius or what?), going on like this:

    “‘White supremacy’ in the art world suggests the supremacy of white people. And it seems to me you are asking, how we disrupt the hegemony of these white people. If that’s what you’re asking, then fund the work of non-white artists and suppress their white counterparts, censor white productions, belittle the achievements of white people while celebrating non-white people. We know these tactics work…”

    Talk about a fucking judas. Man, you can’t even trust your own white brothers not to be all for stomping white males into the ground if that’s even what he’s suggesting. He actually sounds like an escapee from a mental institution. But, then again, isn’t that the primary qualification for being considered an art writer or thinker?

    Just read this stuff he comes up with:

    “If you want to disrupt whiteness in the world of art, I’d open up all the bathroom stalls at the Met, and the Guggenheim, and every other mausoleum built to house man’s magnificence and make everyone piss and shit in the open, in full view of one another. Whiteness would leave the place and never come back.”

    Meaning what, exactly? White people would hang out in a “mausoleum” like the Met if people were shitting and pissing in the open (perhaps all over the floors)? Why ? Because only minorities would hang out in a place with open pissing and shitting going on? Or would everybody leave? I think that could be avoided if you simply called it art and matched it with a Santiago Serra show, Karen Finley stuffing yams up her ass in a Retrospective, and Marina having Balkan women reenact her cinematic masterpiece live in the foyer.

    Hey! Bring the kids! Onward with the Revolution to topple White Males and achieve true social justice:

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