More Propaganda

Corbett Report’s funny response to the accusation by WaPo of him being a Russian Propagandist, including a look at “PropOrNot” one of the two “reliable” sources WaPo used to indict 200 alternative sites as Russian dupes:

How much more absurd will mainstream Corporate Media become? Where can one find actual information in a sea of disinformation? Who or what is real and what is ersatz? Who can be trusted? Stay tuned.

We can definitely draw one conclusion from this: Certainly not the Establishment media given the quality of the WaPo reporting that doesn’t just border on the surreal but goes full in.

Below is some more “Russian propaganda” looking at how Fake the so-called “Real News” has become. How terrible that the American people can’t tell the difference between the absolute and unvarnished truth delivered to them daily from such unimpeachable sources as the Washington Post, New York Times, Guardian, CNN, NPR, PBS, MSNBC, Fox News, ETC.  helping us understand a complicated world. All of them vigorously and heroically fighting against the bald-faced lies of alternative media! No wonder the country is going down the tubes.

Being on the far fringes of the art world it’s always interesting to find so many artists whose entire notion of what is or isn’t great or even good art is whatever they see pictured in the New York Times, Guardian, and so on. They apparently have total faith in the entertainment and arts reviewers who are invariably reviewing the ruling elite galleries or work imitating what is in the ruling elite galleries. Even though they simultaneously don’t read the rest of the paper as they don’t trust the elite establishment propaganda. But the elite establishments selection of the greatest art of today? Absolutely flawless. Based on their popularity with the discriminating art people, of course.

What a great culture this is. Impeccable judgement all around. Who can criticize any of it?

Apparently the entire be-all and end-all reason for making art is to get into the entertainment section of the New York Times, where one can be assured that their work has finally “cut the mustard” and is now bona fide great art work, just like all the bona fide real news that fills the rest of the paper of record.

After all, how can anybody not trust a system that sees fit to honor Henry Kissing and Zbigniew Brzezinski, following up on Bob Dylan’s Nobel Prize in Literature, to address the various luminaries of Western Capitalism at The Nobel Peace Prize Forum Oslo.

When will the comedy stop I wonder. Oddly, the only place I can find this event examined is another of those Russian Propaganda sites:

Who will stop Russia before they sink the entire world under their lies and disinformation, after just having pulled of the stunning victory of getting Donald Trump elected due to the people voting for him being duped by Vladimir Putin?

And what will this Manchurian Candidate end up doing once Putin enacts the programming the KGB has loaded into what little of a brain he had to begin with?

Boy, wouldn’t it be great if the Oslo Gang could get Bob and Zbig and Henry K to all join in a medley of Masters of War together as Bob gets his Nobel? World Peace would be sure to ensue.

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