What Goes Up…

This one hit my funny bone. Apparently I’m not the only -person who thinks Pollock’s work sets a bit of a low bar for greatest American Artist of the 20th century. Of course, this guy didn’t attend art school for six years like I did and didn’t have to unlearn everything he was brainwashed with. He’s able to see what’s in front of his eyes without the clutter of art critic speak and multi million dollar price tags.

Scroll down to Number 2. Hitler Was an Evil Genius.

As promised in the last post, here are two links describing the dramatically declining market in con art:

Art market faces uncertain 2017 from the Guardian:

“Collector Niels Kantor told Bloomberg News he paid $100,000 for an abstract canvas by Hugh Scott-Douglas. Two years later, in September, he sold it at Phillips for $30,000. “I’d rather take a loss,” Kantor told the market data service. “It’s like a stock that crashed.”

That shows you the caliber of collectors out there.

I love this line, as apparently Market Observers have noticed the same thing I’ve been pointing out for years: “Market observers have not been slow to note the similarities between Trump’s approach to business and that of Andy Warhol, who set up his studio production and promotional publishing machine in ways that correspond to Trump’s real estate and self-promotion.”

This has only been perfectly obvious for the last 40 plus years which is no doubt why art critics, dealers and so on haven’t noticed it. Or if they have, mum is certainly the word.

Who knew Eric Clapton had such bad taste? The drummer for Metallica isn’t a suprise, however. But gee whiz, you learn all sorts of things in the Guardian arts section.

The only bit in the piece that is worth putting an emphasis on is this one:

“In 2016, the art market received what it had purportedly wished for – some of the speculative froth came off the top of the market, easing fears that a bubble would burst and hurt the industry.But it also received much of what it probably did not forecast or desire: a 30% drop in overall market volume, a series of high-profile disputes, court actions and authenticity issues that resulted in substantial payouts, and a fall-off in attendance at some art fairs that read to some as cultural cooling-off at the bling end of the contemporary art business.”

This follows on after 2015, where the art market was also descending, although the Guardian doesn’t pay any attention to that fact except elliptically in its mention of Sotheby’s.

One can read in Fortune on the lousy 2015. Note the picture at the top. That one is of interest to me because it’s Warhol’s ridiculously stupid dollar sign paintings which arrived in the early 80s just as the wall street crowd was invited by reagan to rev up to high gear and start monetizing everything in sight. Warhol’s Interview fawned all over the Reaganites. I just read in Art News that Warhol and Trump first met at a Roy Cohn birthday party. Cohn was a real sweetheart too, as reading his Wiki entry will amply confirm. No doubt if he were alive today his McCarthyite bona fides would be of great appeal to Hillary and her army of supporters. McCarthy brought Cohn on board to, among other things, help fry the Rosenbergs.

But, of course, the two parties are radically different and have entirely different economic philosophies and notions of military geostrategy and so on and so forth.

Anyway, I’d say that the art community in general has really lost its marbles with their reaction to Trump winning if it weren’t for the fact they had no marbles to lose in the first place. Get a grip. Small wonder that the biggest exodus going on lately is from the dead urban centers to rural states. I take this as the smarter people in the populace moving out to the places where there are still some vestiges of sanity left. Emphasis on vestiges.

Read it here:

Or try watching 10 minutes of the latest comedy genius to see where things are devolving to. Here’s the best scene (see. it says so right at the top.). Riveting stuff. Hilarity, plus incredibly deep thoughts about current politics. :


Too bad Pete Seeger didn’t get the Nobel then perhaps folks might at least listen to a songs that have a point to them.:

As far as a meaningful lampoon of liberals, take Phil Ochs.


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2 Responses to What Goes Up…

  1. Eric Wayne says:

    I didn’t know about the real connection between Warhol and Trump. Just did a little research and there are nice snaps of them together, and Andy made silkscreens of the Trump Tower, but the Donald didn’t buy them. Donald also loved to quote Andy’s vapid slogan that making business is making the best art, and did so in two of his book on how to be a killer, or parasite, or I guess it was “champion”.

    NOTE: This article appeared in my reader!

  2. trueoutsider says:

    Trump and Warhol both represent the same things, just in different forms. They’re the perfect pair, actually. Both are entirely apolitical, for one thing. They have no philosophy other than the acquisition of money and power. Celebrities or “winners” are what obsessed both, just as they’re what obsess the American public. They’re both consummate narcissistic personalities bordering or fully over into psychopathy.

    There is a story related in A Walk into the Sea by one of Warhol’s retinue that when they were all returning to the factory they happened across Andrea Feldman’s suicide. She’d jumped out of a window to her death below (holding a coke can if memory serves). Warhol’s comment was along the lines of, “Oh Gee. If only we’d gotten here sooner we could have filmed it.”

    What can be said at this point? Sick politicians and sick artists ruling over a sick culture. Nobody apparently on the monied and “successful” side of life in America apparently has any awareness whatsoever of the kind of conditions the other half lives in, and instead of realizing that the Obama administration has presided over the destruction of these people the Liberals prefer to call them all a basket of deplorable racists.

    And Iraq vets with PTSD driven mad by their experiences overseas who shoot up the airport in Ft. Lauderdale are acting inexplicably with no reason whatsoever. They’re just another of the lone psychos who are doing this no doubt, as George Bush said about Al-quaeda, because they envy our freedoms.

    Here’s how much of America is living. The forgotten ones. The losers. The ones who don’t count. The ones not smart and educated enough to get jobs on Wall Street or working in a Trump or Clinton Administration. And so we will descend into chaos and anarchy, all the while screaming across the aisles of Congress that it’s all the other’s guys fault. All the while waving the flag, absolutely incapable of admitting that we are engaged in senseless wars of military conquest that have no justification whatsoever. And our two-party system is a financial racket with politicians owned by wealthy corporate donors who’ve instructed them to systematically destroy working class people so that while Wall Street booms the public are turned into feudal serfs.


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