Denial of Reality 3

Performance Artist Annie Sprinkle displaying her art

The glaring and obvious flaw at the center of Post-Modernism, or Con Art as I like to call it, is it’s attempt to deny and thus think they are escaping basic reality that any even moderately intelligent person recognizes. To wit, Reality is impermanent. It’s in continual flux. Those who think they’re making something that is “new” in art are the most ridiculous people on earth. The French, at least the ones not as retarded as Marcel Duchamp, even have a saying for it: “The more things change, the more they stay the same.” Duchamp and his followers have to be about the dumbest people on two legs have to be the dumbest people on two legs to believe that urinals, hat racks, buttplugs and so on constitute works of art.

Of course, I don’t think for a minute Duchamp was actually retarded. He never believed he was making art in the first place as he made up the story about the urinal being his artwork and left any number of statements revealing that his claim to have been the creator of the “urinal as art” was a complete fabrication. Various historians like Kirk Varnedoe of MoMA and Julian Spaulding of GoMA have followed the bread crumbs Duchamp left behind.

Naturally, the Con Art world will have none of this. They’re far, far too committed to the lies and delusions trailing in the wake of Duchamp’s great put on. Just as they are to Greenberg’s great put on, all of which have been ably and amiably shredded by Tom Wolfe in The Painted Word. Even with Baudrillard writing for umpteen years that the Con Art world is entirely ersatz they first canonize Baudrillard as the most brilliant writer on art to come along in years. Then throw him into the garbage can when they realized that when he was talking about art being entirely ersatz he was talking about them.

Can it get any more ridiculous than this? You bet. Now we’ve got Trump. Now the forces of the Civilization of Buttplugs and Annie Sprinkle’s open vagina will do battle against the Casino King of Atlantic City grabbing the pussy and making America great again. Why can’t the Donald and the Annie get together. … As my wife tells me there’s some golden shower incident with Don (I no longer read the National Enquirer NY Times so I haven’t read the story yet. Annie, as I’m told and also as her pornstar surname indicates, specialized in golden showers. It seems that while the Libs and Cons (conservatives, that is) can agree on so little else why not start with the things they both have in common?

Where PoMo is going next we can only await with baited breath. Personally, I think things have been sliding downhill a bit since monuments like Piss Christ, Santiago Serra’s buttfucking spectaculars, Annie Sprinkle, and Karen Finley’s yams up her ass. And this is a deep criticism of the NEA. It was the NEA who recognized the genius of Finley and Serrano, not to mention thousands of other lesser talents.

But look around now. Where do we find anything of comparably ground breaking and thought provoking work? Let’s face it. Koons and his factory produced bunnies are a bit on the banal and trite side, don’t you think? Isn’t that stuff a bit stale? Perhaps Annie and Karen could be put back on stage to perform at MoMA. Or where is Jeffrey Deitch these days? Let’s spark some new energy and ideas. Get some of those brain cells activated again. Even only Marcel Duchamp were still alive to show us the way. We’re pretty much lost with Marcel to guide us.

Why not a Duchamp retrospective? Or perhaps a Duchamp, Warhol, Baldessari and Sol LeWitt show? Have all the greatest thinkers about art of the latter part of the 20th century that could begin at say, the Met, and from there travel to the Tate and the Pompidou, or why not the Louvre and Prado? What’s with those old style museums anyway? Do they think they’re better than everyone else? I think the radical artists, perhaps with Pussy Riot running into the Prado, burning symbolic brassieres in front of Las Meninas and urinating on Goya’s Black Paintings to protest the Spanish Inquisition and Catholics should start breaking down these corrupt graveyards  devoted exclusively to the White Male Patriarchy.

Or perhaps another  Japanese corporation like Nippon Television Network,  as they did with the Sistine, can strip off all the grime attaching to Goya’s paintings revealing the bright Disney-Matisse colored originals.  I think it was a good decision to let Japanese TV Network do the work as they have a much better feel for Italian Renaissance painting than do the Italians themselves. No doubt this is why the Italians chose them for the job, bypassing Berlusconi’s TV empire who would have probably loused it up.

Incidentally, take note that Pope Francis is encouraging women to breastfeed now in the Sistine Chapel. I don’t care what anybody says. I love Pope Francis. Anybody who doesn’t isn’t an artist. So there. I’m an artist.I can say what art is and isn’t. Just like Duchamp. If I say it’s art, then it’s art. What I say goes.

Just kidding. Maybe if I tell you when I’m joking that will help? The first three paragraphs are serious. The rest is satirical. Of course, as I will have to keep pointing out, satire is just as dead as art is in the American Dream Bubble. If a RealityTV star with tapes of him talking about pussy grabbing and accounts of his “unverified”  golden shower experiences is President. This is what we’ve come down to. A press that prints unverified accounts of an elected President engaged in piss fests or rather reports on unverified accounts of said activity that have surfaced elsewhere. Just like all the Russia hacking stories. We have yet to see any substantive or verifiable evidence that Russians hacked Hillary’s email. And the point is what that email revealed, not who hacked it. But the fact there has been no verifiable evidence doesn’t stop the mainstream corporate press to go on and on for weeks that it happened.

If the CIA said it did, then it did. What other evidence do we need? And this is the Democratic Party leadership and the entirety of the true believers in them who are now accepting the CIA as the fount of all wisdom and knowledge and truthfulness. All the while claiming their not the party of Wall Street and the Military Industrial Complex, but the party of the people! But clearly not the people who voted for Trump and anyone else who didn’t vote Democrat. So let’s bring on Civil War. What the hell. Why not? We’re threatening or bombing pretty much everyone else in the Globe, isn’t it about time we start bombing and blowing up each other.

Oh right. We already have. But why not make it official. Red States V. Blue States… Give it a go, folks.

Meanwhile, I’m sticking with Pope Francis. Breast feeding in the Sistine. Now this is an enlightened guy who understands what Michelangelo is all about.

Oh yeah. I can’t even bring myself to read this stuff. But I’ve put it here for documentation of our madness purposes.





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2 Responses to Denial of Reality 3

  1. Eric Wayne says:

    Just a note on the Duchamp thing about what an artist says is art is art. It sounds like it empowers artists, in a way, if one buys into it. However, it’s not REALLY that art is what the artist says it is: it’s that art is what is whatever is show in the gallery space. Whatever is exhibited to the public as art is art, and this is decided not by artists, but by gallery owners, critics, and in accordance with buyers, and thus the wealthiest. So, it’s actually disempowering for artists. Art no longer has any intrinsic merit, and an artist can not in fact make something for himself, or herself, and declare it is art and worthwhile. It is up to business to decide that. The artist is marginalized from art.

  2. trueoutsider says:

    This leads to my latest post:

    In effect, in a Capitalist system it’s the buyer who decides what art is. Whatever they buy is what art is. Of course, this is only relevant at this particular historical period.

    I’d say the likelihood of Brillo Boxes, Bronze Beer Cans, Urinals, Hatracks, and giant sculptures in the form of Buttplugs, Clothespins, Bowling Pins, Ice Cream, Chia Pets, Erasers, etc. have a snowball’s chance in hell of achieving timeless status alongside Rodin’s work or Greek and Roman Sculpture.

    Unless of course in the future we have a race of cave-dwelling troglodytes along the lines of MJ’s “Idiocracy”. And as stupid as these people will be, if Judge’s projections are accurate, they’ll be wiped out by some other people not wearing Virtual Reality helmets and reading comic books and watching Superhero Hero films, or falling over laughing at movies like “The Big Lebowski.”

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