The KGB Strikes Again!

Interesting footage from Communist Russian TV showing one of their KGB-trained provocateurs antagonizing the Liberal intelligentsia with all manner of crazy talk. :

And below a link to totally crackpot article by some more Russian dupes (they’re pretty much everywhere these days, folks! Be sure to check under your beds before going to sleep tonight!). Try reading their cockamamie notion that the Liberal Class is in it’s “dying days”. How crazy are these guys? Liberalism and the incredibly rich tapestry of such rich and diverse cultural depth one sees on display throughout Contemporary Art Land dying? Western Civilization with its great Neoliberal Flowering of Artistic Genius as represented in the outstanding work of profound thinkers like Jeff Koons and Marina Abramovic opening up entirely new dimensions of creative activity is dead? These people must be joking!

The Dying Days of Liberalism

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