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Bart “the Swede” Johannson, Abstract Painting No. 1.865 (Memories of My Third Acid Trip), oil on something or another, 1977-2017 Meanwhile while I wait for the next Eric Wayne to write in to tell me that I have no followers because I’m … Continue reading

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We Interrupt this Blogcast

We interrupt this blogcast to bring you the following public service link to Patrick Blanchfield in the Baffler on the New Praetorianism. “But the New Praetorianism runs even deeper, and is baked into bipartisan dogma of American exceptionalism. It manifests … Continue reading

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Meanwhile, Back in the Real World

Richard Heinberg has a pretty good grip on things. He must have stopped reading mainstream news and be doing some independent thinking. It’s really not that hard to understand what is going on, as long as one reads very little … Continue reading

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Is Warhol Pretending?

A couple of entertainers. Anybody recognize them? Continuing along from Eric’s comment to my last post “Who is the Stupidest?” I want to extemporize on his remark: “Warhol pretends to be completely superficial in the hopes we assume it signifies … Continue reading

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Who Is the Stupidest?

Barry Friggin’ Diller, in da house I really think that these genius-level network guys, whatever their names are…Let’s say Barry Diller… .should be pickin up on what’s happenin in art these days. Barry should really get his ass on the ball … Continue reading

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The Man With No Qualities

“…the life of religion as a whole is mankind’s most important function. –William James “The essence of education is that it be religious. “– Alfred North Whitehead “We need the courage as well as the inclination to consult, and profit … Continue reading

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