Bart “the Swede” Johannson, Abstract Painting No. 1.865 (Memories of My Third Acid Trip), oil on something or another, 1977-2017

Meanwhile while I wait for the next Eric Wayne to write in to tell me that I have no followers because I’m an asshole and a maggot, I just thought I’d get back to reading an article by one of the few journalists who isn’t totally nuts or a hack writing for the mainstream media. While it’s a great pleasure to read the material designed to keep the population all worked up about one thing or another, be it Eminem’s rallying cries for the Left Wing Revolution or David Brooks telling us the problem with the economy is lazy white males who are ignorant and lazy and sit around watching imbecilic TV shows, I sometimes like to see what is going on back in reality. David Brooks is quite illuminating when it comes to telling us why the economic problems we’re facing are due to lazy and ignorant white racists and the like who instead of attending NASCAR rallies and watching Bill Maher should be launching innovative internet startups that will get the economy back up and humming along like the sleek machine it was during the dotcom days of Bill Clinton. Ah. Those were the days… of wine and Monica Lewinsky and Madeline Albright keeping Saddam Hussein in line by starving half a million Iraqi children to death.

Madeleine can also be commended for telling women that whichever of them didn’t vote for Hillary Clinton for President deserved a special place in hell. Right next to her I imagine. What a sweetheart. Just look. I also imagine Hell looks something like the video below at the moment Madeline gets the rousing response.:

How in the world did Hillary lose with rallies like this and women of the caliber of Madeline Albright supporting her with great campaign admonitions like that one? A Vote for Trump assures you’re going to Hell if you’re a woman casting the ballot. That 53 percent of white women voted for Trump indicates none of them believe in the Hell that Madeline Albright will cast them into.

If only Hillary had won and we could have made America great again as we were during the reign of slick Willie bombing the be-jeepers out of Bosnia. As our political leaders have shown us time and time again there are no problems to intractable that they can’t be solved on dropping as many bombs as possible on the bad guys. Hillary had a great plan to fund all these wars for the liberation of the people of Iraq, Syria, Libya and many other unfortunate countries by getting the lazy sods off their asses and into an Uber driving people around from one place to another in their car. It’s innovations like these that Hillary and her team can get moving again with her inspiring rhetoric, just like Barack Obama before her.

So every once in a while, between talking to nutters (or rather great artists as there’s little difference anymore between the two) like Eric Wayne about the significance of nutters like Andy Warhol and Bruce Nauman I check back in on reality with one of the few journalists that are still connected to it.

Yes, I’m quite aware that Patrick Cockburn’s piece on the Coming Decline of US and UK power and his ludicrous comparisons of Donald Trump to Boris Yeltsin are typical far-left  exaggeration. Not to mention his insinuation that the biggest march in American history against the Washington establishment wearing pink pussy hats last month is lowering our credibility with European, Russian, and Chinese leaders (just to name 3 out of hundreds other other countries where rationality still prevails).

What Cockburn seems to be leaving out is that the glass is not half-empty it is also half-full and that when life hands you lemons you make lemonade and that an optimist is the person who makes the best of things when life hands him the worst of things. And I still have faith that a positive attitude by people with faith in the system, and who are rallying to get Trump impeached will succeed in their heroic efforts to do so.

Just as long as I stay on my anti-depressant medication.

And I’m quite sure that pretty soon in the near future we’ll be witnessing some really fantastic impeachment hearings where we establish this Yeltsin-like buffoon is unfit for the office of Commander in Chief. After all, who knows what he’s doing in the late sleepless evenings besides staring at the nuclear codes wondering who needs to be taught a lesson. This guy has to be sent packing so that a more fit leader like Mike Pence can run the country and put us back on track.

And when the meds start to deflate I sit back in my old chair in front of the computer and cue up a rousing patriotic number to restore my spirits.

If this isn’t a rousing number I don’t know what is. And this by  one of our greatest legal minds of our time, who also turns out to be a talented lyricist and songwriter. Who says America doesn’t got talent to burn? Here he is, ladies and gentlemen and others somewhere in between, Attorney General John Aschcroft singing a piece he wrote himself. Hearing it brings a tear to my eye. I like to alternate between Attorney General Aschcroft and the great Bruce Nauman to experience the full spectrum of American artistic genius, from right to left wing And I let the tears flow. Or in the prophetic words of the mellifluous mentally ill metaphysician Philip K Dick “Flow My Tears, the Policeman Said.”

Don’t hold back. Sing along with John and keep right on going with Brucie the Clown Nauman.


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