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The Artist as Schizophrenic Revenant

Cool Hand Luke Johnson, Merry Burial in Boomerville (detail), redigitalized  of the lost original found between the pages of remastered copy of the  Voynich Manuscript (assumed to be a product of Alien Intelligence who are about the only ones left … Continue reading

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And then there’s the debt ceiling.

Ah. Finally some peace and quiet in which to think. Far away the ones who haven’t the foggiest definition or understanding or interest in understanding what art is and what it means outside of its function as a commodity in … Continue reading

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Meister Eckehart

Bart Johnson, Sr., It’s My Party and I’ll Cry If I Want To, 1260 Meister Eckehart was born about the year 1260, a crucial period in the making of Germany: enormous natural catastrophes accentuated the social need, the ‘black death’ … Continue reading

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How I Know

above: Adolf Shickelgruber, Sheriff Bartington Checking to See if He Still Has a Pulse (detail), 1865 When I USE the word artist below I’m referring primarily to Contemporary Art \ PostModern Artists  21st Century Epistemology Swimming in an Ocean of Bullshit or … Continue reading

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Morning in America! Go Big Donnie!

Pop Quiz. Who did the etching above? Multiple choice: It’s not an etching it’s a woodcut. The artist is the Baron von Richthoffen, one of the greatest German artists of the 8th century. It’s the label on a 19th century … Continue reading

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