Morning in America! Go Big Donnie!

pop-quizPop Quiz. Who did the etching above? Multiple choice:

  1. It’s not an etching it’s a woodcut. The artist is the Baron von Richthoffen, one of the greatest German artists of the 8th century.
  2. It’s the label on a 19th century bottle of hair cologne used by Marie Antoinette and for sale on Ebay for 5 bucks.
  3. I can’t remember the artists name but it begins with a P I think. Paul? Perry? Something like that. It’s about this guy who is sick and there are women praying for him to recover. The birds on the shore represent Death. Those in the sky represent the transformation of the Soul and its journey after Death into the Afterlife.
  4. It’s was considered for the cover of the Blodwyn Pig’s first album featuring Jethro Tull as the Blodwyn Pig. It was rejected for something the record buying public would like more as it’s easier to understand. Much better don’t you think? Get the pun? It’s deep. It’s a Duchamp reference. The target is a homage to Kenneth Noland and Jasper Johns.

blodwyn_aheadfOK. Somebody else figure out the answer. Maybe one of you people can tell me something for a change. It’ll practically be a first at this point. I mean something besides Eric Wayne telling me that Andy Warhol wasn’t a nincompoop but was a person with normal intelligence. I know. Maybe one of you can tell me what normal intelligence is. For art world people I mean. Is it like normal intelligence for members of the public and the officials they vote into public office? As for me, I have abnormal intelligence. I’m not normal at all. Perish the thought. I’m a living guitar legend. You should hear my version of Jimi Hendrix playing Purple Haze. Even better than Zappa’s. My lyrics are better too. I’ll post them in a little bit after I get a chance to write them. Meanwhile, listen to this as I’m sure you’re bored by now with all the writing. That’s me on bass guitar in the video recordd back when I was a young and well-behaved pseudo-intellectual:

Well, well well. Wasn’t that a rousing speech before Congress last night has left the veteran commentator for the last (what fells like 30 years or so) for NPR, McNeil Lehrer Report, New York Times Editorial page, numerous best selling books, etc. …. speechless! As David Brooks splurted on PBS to Judy Woodruff (another ace reporter though lacking in best selling books) “I give that speech an A+ at least. Or something along those lines. Later on, of course, giving the folksy democratic rebuttal from some nobody we’ve never seen before an A+ as well.

Brooks is the Andy Warhol of the American intelligentsia, and like Warhol in his profession, David is at the top of his. Everybody’s great! Everything’s great! The stock market is up 200 points so Wall Street couldn’t be more thrilled. Seems everyone will be employed in the Bringing Greatness Back to America effort. We’ll be stepping up production of military weapons. Threatening everyone on the Planet that ain’t with us as if they ain’t with us, they’s aginst us! Plus we’ll roll over those Injuns up in North Dakota what’s gittin in the way of the Pilgrim’s Progress … right into oblivion.

But no matter. Things might look a little bleak. As if there’s no opposition to any of this. You think not? Really? You think the Democrats are taking this lying down? Forget the down but they’re sure ready to keep lying. I was moved to tears to see Nancy Pelosi was dressed in white as a homage to the suffragettes (whoever they were). She also made disapproving faces when Trump mentioned dismantling Obamacare, which drew applause from everyone else visible on screen. If Nancy and the Ne0-Suffragettes don’t stop this runaway destruction of everything Republican Express I can’t imagine what can stop it.

Oh yes. There’s Rosie O’Donnell, super articulate and deep thinking spokesman for the Liberal Left Dems and a defiant enemy of the fascists. You have to love a woman who will speak truth to power even though the Republicans control pretty much every branch of government (or are about to). The Dems apparently have the CIA and the liberal press on their team. Should be an interesting matchup.

I think Rosie’s got the right way to win back American hearts and minds to the Democratic Party who they abandoned in droves in the late election (that Democrats don’t seem to have remembered other than that it needs to be reversed  since the Russians stole it from them). It’s rousing words like this that have made Rosie one of the top picks of Hollywood to be their spokesman:



Whoops, I forgot. Only right wing fascist types who scream mindless nonsense can be satirized.

Not the Liberal saints and the pussy hat marchers who with their impeccably mannered behavior while listening to Madonna, who I imagine was trying to recover from the stunning rebuke of offering blowjobs to whoever voted for Hillary and finding no takers, leads everyone into politically correct thinking that is so wonderfully effective politically.

So while some of you are worried that the Dems will continue to act with all the savvy and strategic planing of the Tea Party members wearing their NASCAR caps, I have no fear myself that by appealing to the lowest intellects in the American public using deranged language and lots of booty shaking celebrities to get across the message that we’re mad as hell and are ready to take these white male fascist bastards down a peg or two ,the Dems will be back in office is no time.

Then the great Obamacare can be restored to everyone and I can rest assured that after a 5,000 dollar deductible, a percentage of  the next payments for my medical care will be covered by the US government. If it hasn’t collapsed under the debt burden Obama put it under over the last 8 years. Illegal immigrants will be welcome once more. We can attack Russia. The right of Transgenders to use the bathroom of their choice will be upheld. And Anthony Weiner will have his rights restored to send pictures of his dick around to teenage girls. This repression of the Free Speech rights of Tony Weiner to advertise his sexual gifts to the ladies is an impediment to economic growth. If girls and guys can’t send pictures of themselves fucking to each other half the traffic on the internet would vanish overnight.

Hm…. what else? Can’t recall. Could some of my artist readers remind me of the other talking points on the Democratic agenda to get them back into office? Right. I forget I’m talking to artists. They don’t keep up with the news as they’re too busy seeing all the sexy and cool new art and movies. Plus making great art on the burning topics of today. Lines around the block at the next Bruce Nauman and Cindy Sherman retrospectives I imagine. Or perhaps some of the great new talent the Whitney and various International Biennales will reveal to us in the new exciting season of Art Stars fighting the Fascists who have taken over the country.

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4 Responses to Morning in America! Go Big Donnie!

  1. syd harper says:

    I did not watch but heard as my partner is hard of hearing and had it tuned all the way. I can not stomach politics right now. I am 80 years old and very, very frightened about what is happening in our country. Did we bring up all those children just to envy those with money? No one seems to want to be recognized for writing or art or music. If I were a little bit wealthier, I would certainly try to find another place to live. And btw, although I do not practice any religion, I was born a Jewess and would be among one of the first to be on the list.

  2. trueoutsider says:

    My wife is Jewish. So is my son. I’m up nearing mid 60s and we don’t have the dough to move. But my wife wouldn’t want to as she has a large extended family she is very close to. I’m close to them as well as they’re wonderful people. I don’t see any particular danger to her or Zack or you for that matter as long as you aren’t going to Synagogues or other Jewish community centers. I don’t see a larger danger in places where Jews gather that is any worse than other places that deranged people will target. Where we live , e.g. we had a psychopath massacring people in a movie theater and two high school kids blow massacring their fellow students. The other week, unreported in national news, there were pipe bombs and explosives found at the Sheraton Hotel where a PTSD soldier was staying.

    So the violence is everywhere and not targeted at any one specific group as it was in Germany or Italy by fascists. And everyone is at risk. Just look at the ruling elite building bunkers all over the globe with militarized protection. Survival of the fittest or social Darwinism. That was Reagan. Trickle down. But most went for it and still do even with the catastrophic results.

    On the positive side I think there are a number of younger people, particular the Bernie voters, who have shucked off the gross materialism and greed and notions of being “superstars.” And they aren’t the “rolling stone” Bob Dylan hippies or folkies. They’re far more practical and realistic. They know about global warming and the current crisis. I talk to a lot of kids who are doing organic farming and small businesses and constructing Tiny Houses and trying to live sustainably and in harmony with the earth. Some of that number are even reading books by authors like Melville.

    It’s a small number, and while it’s assumed that they were disheartened by Bernie’s loss, I think many of them had already factored it in and are still staying active one way or another. The Democrats are over. They’re as big a danger to the planet as are the Republicans. They’re both entirely on the sides of big corporations and that’s total disaster. No doubt whatsoever.

    So there is also the positive, Syd, even though it looks pretty weak in contrast to the massive military and corporate might.

    I don’t listen corporate media propaganda, and that includes NPR. Watch no TV news and little TV at all. I read factual accounts but have no interest whatsoever in the editorials or “analysts” as they’re either pathological liars or thoroughly delusional. Believe me. I know dozens of them personally from having worked with many of them in NYC and Chicago. They are interested in only one person. Themselves. The whole deep concern for humanity is a charade. They make big paychecks by doing the bidding of their corporate owners. And if allowed to continue to do their work the earth will end up a wasteland.

    I’ve gone back to reading books. Old media. I’m laughed at as a Luddite. But I call myself a Muddite as that’s about all that will be left for us to eat or drink should these techno-narcissists continue along their wanton path toward destruction.

  3. goetzkluge says:

    SPOILER WARNING: As for your quiz, I put a high resolution version and some info here:

  4. trueoutsider says:

    Thanks, Goetz. Good info. Sorry for the late post. I was in LA looking at art for past few days. I took a lot of digital photos primarily in a show of German Renaissance paintings and Dutch Old Masters. An odd experience was seeing the direct similarity between an ink drawing that I’d done in 2010 or so of Albuquerque people and two large 16th century woodblocks of Luther, and John Huss that were the first things I saw entering the German Renaissance show at LACMA. I’d never seen them or anything like them before. They were made from 12 (or) separate woodblocks to construct the larger prints.

    I keep encountering these uncanny correspondences as when I saw the woodblocks I made no connection whatsoever between them and my own work. It was only when I got home (around midnight) and saw the Albuquerque drawing sitting on my couch where I had left it that I was immediately struck by the similarities in drawing. Mine were much more grotesque (in the way Lucian Freud’s, Grosz’s, and other mid 20th century artists are more grotesque) than the 16th century drawings.

    Of course, I consider myself virtually alone at this point in drawing intensely from real life at this point. A throwback to some other era or dinosaur surrounded by the techno-people of today with their complete contempt for all things human that can’t be packaged and sold at the local art gallery or shopping mall and turned into multiple digital images.

    At least there are these remnants from the past to remind us that there was once a human race that wasn’t entirely caught up in pleasure seeking and consumerism. And naturally it’s a past that few to none have any really deep interest in other than for its status as a relic. I see these paintings and all those going back into prehistory as far more vital alive and vital than the kind of superficial and dead P.C. sermons or fuck you gestures that are about all that Duchamp and Art for Art’s sake amounts to at this point. Or rather about all it amounted to on it’s arrival. DOA, as the acronym goes.

    Yes, it’s a deeply melancholic way of seeing life as I don’t know any other way to view a world that is hellbent on the destruction of all human and natural life on earth all while revelling in horrific nihilism or completely sterile and vapid notions of “beauty”. Pretty color art next to Francis Bacon rage. The Gotterdamerung of the enlightenment, which it turns out wasn’t so much an enlightenment as an exercise in human vanity placing man above all. All of it with a enforced optimism where any kind of comments pointing to the blatant truth of our collapse is viewed as “angry” or “cynical” and worst of all, killing the sales potential of all the “new” Post-Modernist revelations that are invariably so fresh and exciting as they provide such great backdrops for one to pose in front of while taking a selfie.

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