Meister Eckehart

Bart Johnson, Sr., It’s My Party and I’ll Cry If I Want To, 1260

Meister Eckehart was born about the year 1260, a crucial period in the making of Germany: enormous natural catastrophes accentuated the social need, the ‘black death’ made its cruel procession, the Church experienced one of its severest crises, heretic movements sprang up eagerly turning against the rigid and sacrilegiously arrogant scholasticism, and fanatic holy wars were fought in the name of God. The people, suffering injustice, suppression and fear, stood face to face with the impermanence of human existence and yearned for a deep spiritual experience which would finally bring them security and foothold. –The Essence of Yoga, George Feurstein, Ph.D and Jeannine Miller

According to the results of testing of my DNA my oldest ancestors were Ashkenazi Jews and Yakut Eskimos. After that they moved around a bit and by the thirteenth century or so it looks like they were in Germany along with Meister Eckehart. Perhaps I’m distantly related the the Meister? Wouldn’t surprise me given the closeness I feel to his situation in the late 1200s. “Enormous natural catastrophes accentuated the social need”? Check. “The ‘black death’ made its cruel procession” or prescription and illegal drugs and other plagues long since thought extinct showing up all over the globe. Check. “Heretic movements sprang up eagerly turning against the rigid and sacrilegiously scholasticism.” I read this as alternative societies tuning out of the arid art critical nonsense that nobody in their right mind reads or follows, i.e. the “sacrilegious scholasticism” of Freudianism, Marxism, Neoliberalism, Duchampian Nihilism and Art for Art’s Sake along with New Age Guru self-help babbling by “traditionalists” who are as far from the religious traditions they proclaim to derive from as Stephen King is from Herman Melville in philosophical depth.

And so here we are in our new dark ages. And I think it would be well for those interested in saving their souls during times of social disintegration along with immoral decadence and terminal bullshit flooding into everyone’s brains and turning them to mush that they might take to reading some of the old wise men who lived through similar periods.

Much to be learned. I’ve been doing a lot of reading in the various texts and will be turning to posting passages for my readers to reflect on should they care to come back to reality and leave off their dreams of artistic glory in the Post-Modernist sewer.

Along with that I’ll, naturally be staying abreast of breaking developments as they arrive somewhat obliquely in my parallel universe where I witness our tragic demise as a once great country now living entirely in fantasies of power while we bankrupt ourselves to pay for meaningless vanity items. It’s a rugged journey down into the heart of hell, but Dante made it and he made it out alive to tell his story containing a truth that’s undiminished down through time. And down to the present hell of the present we all so uncomfortably occupy. So here we are now a few months into the term of the Orange King as the legions of hardened veterans of the march on Washington are no doubt reassembling for their next foray against the Menace to Civilization.

The man who is bound to take us back, all the way to the way back in his way back machine to the Golden Days of our youth when our brave boys stood tall against the Vietnamese while the young stallion of Real Estate was wining and dining the beautiful ladies of those days (who you can see in the video below) while he mastering the Art of the Deal. So let’s all stare into that abyss for a bit as we move back in time and then forward, taking a little journey to the center of the mindless mind.

Prediction: Once Trump is through with his eight it’s going to be Ted Nugent taking over the reigns of power and raining down more bombs. If you don’t think Ted can keep the New World Order in order just look at the next video.  Also note that Michael Jackson stole the moonwalk moves Ted puts on display early on.

You don’t think Ted can keep ’em in line? Next we have a scintillating debate with the highly articulate and intellectually dazzling Roseanne Barr. Ros has the inimitable talent of being able to make Ted Nugent rational by comparison to Liberal thinkers, an extraordinary achievement if you think about it. But why bother to think? It’s so old fashioned. I never fail to be amazed to see the liberals make the Tea Party appear as the party of reason and clarity. I’m hoping they’ll run one of their great minds against Ted when the time comes to find another paragon of moral purity like Hillary Clinton to take on these vile bastards.

New York Post cover for Thursday, July 19, 2012. Front page


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