Way of the Brush

Punchy Jackson, III, The Discovery of America (detail), 21st Century, AD

 For example, today we can look back over many centuries of Chinese art and realize what an enormous influence the revolutionary work of the painter Mi Fei had on his and subsequent ages. As will be explained later, he gave a kind of sanctity to the dot, using it rather than the traditional shaping line for his magnificent mountain ranges. But dots had been used earlier, though in a much more limited way, and thus, in those days before the technical rules of Chinese painting had been so elaborately codified, it was possible for Mi Fei and his contemporaries to regard his radical innovation as a technique already sanctioned by tradition. – From The Way of the Brush: Painting Techniques of China and Japan by Fritz van Briessen

Imagine, if you will, just how fantastic the above paragraph is. Imagine alone the fact that the sanctity of the dot, using it as a different form of expression entirely than a shaped line, caused an entire revolution in the form the visual art of China took from that singular pivot.

To be continued…. But if anybody feels inclined to follow my thinking here, or even question what I’m getting at, by all means make a comment. Even about the weather where you live, I mean outside the weather on the video entertainment inside your virtual reality helmet. Or what the heck, even a comment about the video entertainment inside your virtual reality helmet will do.

Just kidding. It used be called satire before reality turned into satire. The worst thing about being the last satirist in America is that the hecklers can’t come up with any good or even interesting insults that you haven’t already listened to hundreds of times already. When even the insults get boring, comedy is definitely dead. Not that I’m a comedian, mind you. Except when the Zen occasion requires it.

Speaking of Zen was anyone out there aware that Alan Watts the bringer of Zen enlightenment to the Hippie Generation and Realms Beyond Time, died of alcohol poisoning with a liver as hard as a rock? True story. Even in the biography it’s such a well known fact. I’m a great admirer of Watts’ writing but, as with everything else I read, I take it with a grain of salt.

Anyway, this is a New Category I just added in my blogposting and where I’m apparently headed: Surrealist Thinking. It’s time we got this mother off the ground and these New Dark Ages rolling and rocking til the break of down. But right now I’m gonna put on an old Spooky Tooth number which puts Vegas acts like Iggy Pop and the MC5 to shame. Punk Rock is Dead! Spread the news! This is the real rock and roll. Rock and soul.

Hold onto your seatbelts. Lifting off with a psychodelic version of that ol Supremes Soul tune You Keep Me Hanging ON.

To be continued in the 13th Dimension outside the 13th Floor Elevators in Austin Texas, 19. Be sure to listen to the lyrics, then think about My Fei and his dot revolution. You’ll get there sooner or later. One way or the other. Note the album cover. My kind of artwork. Keep it loose and flowing. No more of this stick up the rear end art, please. It’s giving me a headache. Note the art wasn’t made by a computer or even on a computer. Knock that shit off as well. Enjoy life, why don’t you. Get out on the Dance Floor, like Jackson Pollock. Give it a go.

Anyway, I’m not writing blogposts anymore. Too much work. Now I’m just beboppin, jivin’, and dwellin’ in the past. Casting Pearls Before Swine with the original Rapper, Tom Rapp,listening to his old surrealist mumblings.

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2 Responses to Way of the Brush

  1. Eric Wayne says:

    Just checking up on you. Like the artwork. And, yeah, Watts died from alcoholism. Probably the main reason I don’t actively try to seek enlightenment outside of the proverbial bong-load is almost every supposed enlightened person, guru, or self-avowed spiritual role model has at least one dramatic flaw that is a red flag that they are NOT enlightened. Think OSHO, and his 90 Rolls Royces.

  2. trueoutsider says:

    Apologies for delayed posting. I’m only on the computer a day a week or so. Hope you’re doing well.

    In the US enlightenment is largely a commercial enterprise, just like art and everything else. All of it based on feel good notions. And pretty much the opposite of what spiritual practice is. Hard work, discipline and monasticism. Just like art. The two are the same for me. Separating art from religion or spiritual practice destroys it’s essence, or what Walter Benjamin referred to as it’s aura.

    Turning the sacred into kitsch. It’s the same with all the arts. For example, I had an interesting experience the other week The manager of Black Uhuru pitched me to take a booth at the Rastafari Soul Rebel Enlightenment festival (or whatever it was called) he’s putting on in September. He mainly wanted to enlist me to draw a Steel Pulse comic as their anniversary is coming up and it would be a big commercial tie-in, etc etc. The guy was just as much a commercial huckster as somebody trying to get me to do a Lady Gaga or Katy Perry comic book.

    I told him I’d make my own visionary book roughly connected to Steel Pulse, along the lines of the Beatles Yellow Submarine, but I wasn’t going to do a book promoting their politics which I used to agree with when I was younger before seeing that it was all baloney as they turned themselves into the usual musical commodity that is about as authentic at bottom as the local political class. The “black nationalists “, as they fashioned themselves and presumably still fashion themselves are perfectly fine with war crimes, neoliberal economics (which devastates the communities they’re supposedly so concerned about), etc. as long as it’s Obama or some other black person administering the Empire. Just as women, etc. were perfectly happy to support Hillary even though her politics, outside the PC baloney, are equivalent to Dick Cheney’s.

    I was a big fan of Steel Pulse’s music but meeting this two bit hustler got me to take a closer look at the band’s activities since the time I listened to them and it was a real disappointment. But I suppose I shouldn’t have been surprised. Everyone needs to stay “viable” while they turn into the predictable Las Vegas act playing their oldies for nostalgia buffs.

    I have to confess I’m just not a hip guy or “avant-gardist” at heart. I like to read old novels. Reading Thomas Wolfe’s Look Homeward, Angel now. As far as music I’d rather listen to Mitsuko Uchida play Mozart piano sonatas than listen to any “avant-garde” stuff. I actually prefer “conservative” to “avant-garde” but don’t like the snobbery and pretense around it. I never get tired of listening to Mozart while most people I know find it completely boring (compared to Jimi Hendrix of the Doors).

    Or Glenn Gould.. Gould is an absolutely fascinating guy to me. Totally eccentric guy. No snob, either. I recall him talking about how much he like Petulia Clark’s Downtown.

    Good film about him:

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