What Is Art?

Visions. Visions that come from the Sacred Universe and are translated by human beings into material form. No visions being translated by artists (as we started calling them toward the end of human history) no Sacred Universe.

A world filled with technology and material objects that have no meaning whatsoever outside of egotistical and narcissistic notions of what “art” is promoted by corporate owners of museums and galleries. Galleries are what, now? LLCs? Who knows? I don’t care what they are. Nor do I care about Galleries or anything in them.

I care about the visionary works that are in Museums. Without them humanity perishes in chaos and madness.

Visionaries today, like myself, the few of us that have survived the reign of atheism and technology and scientific materialism and so on are known as Chaotic Madmen, who need to be either drugged up or lobotomized or driven out of public sight in any way possible. By who else by the members of societies perfectly happy with all the Mod Cons… and I mean that last word in literal sense. It’s not short hand for conveniences. There are no conveniences. Only inconvenient truths that people on earth want nothing to do with.

Instead they’re stuffing their heads full of every Mad Con by any mad con artist who has a Beautiful Dream to sell them, at prices from a few bucks at the local coffeeshop to 100 million plus for a silkscreen electric chair…

Well, you guys think about it. Converse among yourselves. See what you come up with.

Hit Eric Wayne’s blog or Jerry Saltz or Tyler whatever his name is at Modern Art Notes or Natural Pigments forum where they tell you how to paint just like the Old Masters. I can’t wait for the next Rubens or Rembrandt to show up. … Or hmm… what else. MoMA site… Greatest art ever as far as the eye can see and the mind can boggle.

Cat still got everyone’s tongue? Is my writing too confusing? Too insane? Too brain fogged? Too ignorant about the clearly articulated writings great thinkers from Marcel Duchamp to Clement Greenberg to Roberta Smith to Robert Hughes about what art is and why today’s art is worth 100 plus million bucks for a silkscreen of an electric chair… one among tens of thousands of similar photo silkscreens untouched by human hands.

But it’s the seminal one… The Electric Chair where prisoners are executed with a dazzling Electro Shock that gives off one brilliant flash of illuminating light to the Criminal who we all agree, being judge, jury and executioner has to go to keep us all safe from the Dark Forces of Satan’s Armies of the Night.

But I don’t think that’s used any more. We use gentler methods that aren’t so shocking. Predator drones. Massive aerial bombardment. Nuclear weapons in reserve having shown their effectiveness in Japan. Flying Planes into buildings. Suicide bombers. Anything and everything that will halt the forces of Evil that threaten to destroy the planet.

Meanwhile, there’s always great art at the local galleries and museums that will help raise our consciousness onto a higher plane. That’s what art is meant to do. Hope there’s enough room in the Rothko Chapel, Matisse Chapel, Ellsworth Kelly Chapel and other chapels like the Museum of Modern Art to guide everyone to enlightenment so that we can bring on a new era of Peace, Love and Understanding.

Plus Bruce Nauman Videos and Paul McArthy sculptures of George Bush that will stop the Fascist Tyrants from destroying the land we love..

Yes. God help us all.

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I'm an artist.
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