Why I Am So Clever

It’s pretty urewarding, I have to admit, being the most brilliant person in the entire universe. Why? Nobody recognizes it! Of course not! They’d have to be as brilliant as I am in order to realize it. They’d have to get all the labyrinthine meanings and puns like labiarinthine for the Lacanians to pick apart to get at my various sexual neuroses. Penis Envy combine with a Castration Comples.. ?

Take Two Aspirins and Call me in the morning, Dumbkopf! That’s German for… whooopss.. Somebody just interuptured my airplane of thought. I think it was me.

That’s what’s so great about  ME! They named the entire Me Generation after ME, dont’cha know, choo choo. You too, boo boob. Boogalo. What you think you gonna do? Back up to the Bumperbaby, back from the internet startup company?

Anybody hear ever heard of David Foster Kane Wall Ass? Is that an insult to the Master of Prose of the Who Gives a Shit Generation… I’m sitting on my ass watching TV and making a lot of cool references and puns in my enormous brain. We;;;;; hah!! Weee haw!! It’s fun. I can’t wait to read the entire 15,000 pages but first I need to finish Reading the longest Postmodern Novel ever written by Comic Genius and Black Magician worshipping a Snake God, Alan Moore. … I like his show on YouTube so I’m sure I’ll like the book…

Did I say 15,000 pages? I read all of that…. Then I sent it to my shrink, Jacques Lacan and asked him what it meant.

It’s ok guys. I’m just ribbin; ya. I’m jealous. I’m just as stupid painter, like Marcel said. Stupid enough to keep painting when everybody busy watching tv or writing postmodern masterpieces or is that masturbationpieces. Fallin to pieces. .. Generation what one are we at at at the moment?

The Milleniums? You mean the Apocalypto Generation? Well, if they aren’t, they sure do a good impression of it…

Anybody know what I’m talking about cause I sure don’t. I’m gonna take this in to my shrink and then have my Tarot Cards read by Alejandro Jodorowsky who made the movies that are all about the different levels of consciousness and Pagan Rights and I agree! I’m all for Pagan Rights. Just give me a sign and I’m off to join the march on Washington. I’m going dressed as my hero, The Lizard King.

Now there was a straight talker, if I ever heard one. Father. I want to kill. Mother I want to fuck you.

I get it. Freud got it right on target. Hey. Do you guys have Oedipal desires? How long did they last? Just curious … I want to put the information into my next performance piece symbolically. Since Arthur C. Danto died I wonder if there’s anyone else who will get the arcane references… Any notions of who’s writing about performance art these days. Or a blog… Besides Eric Wayne’s, I mean. I like Eric’s blog, although he thinks I don’t read it enough to get what he’s saying. welll…. excuse me!

Here’s me when I was younger. You can see I was ripped off by Chapman Brothers. I was the first performance artist to put on a penis nose. And look how the audience loved me. I went on to write plays about Picasoo at the Lappin Agita. And note how my stuff isn’t tired at all when you watch it Now in 2017 or whatever year it is today. This captures how great those days were that we never left but are hoping we can get back to if we keep on doing what we been doing to get ourselves here gettin our gut laffs . .. The Laughin Giraffes at the Laffin Agile are Burnin… That’s a Dali reference for others who didn’t get the Picasso reference. I know. I know. Who cares? Not me. That’s for sure. But as Chauncey Gardiner said. I like to Watch for 15 seconds. I know you get it. But do you? Do you really? Drop me a line anytime and tell me what I’m talkin’ about. Let’s write a Postmodern novel. You write it and I’ll draw it. But make sure it’s funny, cause my drawings sure are funny.

A laugh riot. But this kind of stuff cheers me up to no end so in order to keep every one happy. I apologize for this brief digression into total absurdity and wonder if you will… take it away Steverino….

OH yeah!!! Dagoonit it am I always foe get ten to exclude my references. Why I Am So Clever is the name of a book I wrote in the 19th century when I went by the name of Fredrick Neetsy… It’s pronounced Friedrich Nietzsche by Kluge Getzit. He road in the Kentucky on a horse named Charles Bukowsky that Hunter Bogartson and Ralph SSiimpson ratted about in Rollin’  Bones.

That’s pretty bad, mates…. I gotsa bee bonin’ up on my spelling. People are gonna start thinking I’m a Post-Modernist Beat Poet! Is it true what somebody told me that Alan Clarksburg wrote Howlin Wolf on LSD or was that Bobby Benzendrine reciting it to him in the voice of Alvin Blake the Blues Singer? Well. U gest it. I’m givin up art and forming a New Wave Band of Rappin fools from Blues Town, Las Vegas Pennsylvania. Any a you guys have a moog synthezier and a Cello and can play like Charlotte Mermaid and has a nice rack.  See how many minutes you can take of this. Cause I’m an avant garter belt genius and funny like charlotte. a sharp wit a beautiful quiver and quim and am so concentrated and effervescent and i can interest anybody in the radius of a mile. and port authority couldn’t say no to me. but they told me to stop or they were gonna lock me up.

Lots of you younguns don’t know it now but those early avant garde days were filled with geniuses that make the dopey people today doing it look like amateurs. Char was a fave of Mar… Mar and Char played chess…. Mar rubbed himself under the table and felt good about himself. real gosh darn good.

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