What Goes Up

Fascinating graph, to me at least. I know that artists don’t think that what they do in their studios has the slightest connection to this eye-opening graph. But I’d still say it’s worth taking a look at should any artists feel like re-connecting themselves with reality.

Note the red line first. And look how it’s tracked initially underneath the blue line. The red line shows the return on investments by those purchasing art as they would any other commodity like Gold or Silver. Note how from 1961 to 1961 the three lines are virtually identical. Note how far heavenward above the gray line (which traces the returns on all other investments combined) as the blue line begins ascending in 1999. And notwithstanding the dramatic dip at the time of the 2008 financial crash, the line is now just above its past record.

This is what I’d imagine to be a market peak. Just as the fevered art market crashed like a Icarus into the sea when the bottom fell out of the fraudulent housing market that had been ginned up for a decade and more by Alan Greenspan and his Wall Street cronies.

Finally note how while the blue line is at it’s peak, the red line of investor profits has been lower than before 2008 and is beginning to flatten out.

The question now is what set of circumstances will trigger the next crash. And when that will happen. Not being Nostradamus I make no predictions. But I find it exceedingly odd how the artists of the world, just like they did before the ’08 crash, have their heads just as deeply buried in their own rectums with exactly the same dreams of glory and exactly the same players that crashed to earth before Barack Obama restored everyone their chips to go back once more to the Casino tables, the smooth-talking bankers and corporate investors going right back to the same activities that crashed the entire system overnight.

It will certainly happen again just as Capitalism has invariably been a series of booms and busts. That’s really all that Capitalism promises. The rapid devastation of global resources. The profligate wasted spending on luxury goods including at the apex the most absurd and grotesque excuse for art that has ever existed in human history.  The impoverishment of ever wider segments of the globe into feudal circumstances, including at this point the populations of the so-called “Western democracies.”

Yet no artists I know have the foggiest notion of what they’re participating in, nor do they apparently care what the commodification of art by Global Capitalism has done in terms of robbing Art of any meaning whatsoever other than its entertainment and decoration value to fantastically wealthy “patrons.

All of this dreck is then promoted through the various corporate entities that publish Art Magazines, Entertainment Magazines, NewsMedia Art Promotion and so on. All of it ballyhooed, just like cigarettes, psycho-chemical drugs, expensive surgeries that alter one’s body dramatically, yachts, private jets, expensive sports cars and everything else that make one’s life hopelessly meaningless and empty lest one not own these kind of items to decorate their homes with and impress their neighbors with the depth of their cultural tastes, depending on their particular socioeconomic ranking.

Everything now made to order in millions of multiples for buyers all over the globe to bee part of the great American led Cultural Miracle.

However, it appears that the Chinese are now the ones heading into a bright economic future while American, under the insanely mercurial menace to the world in general and his own country in particular flounders around while the imbecilic Democrats flounder around simultaneously with absurd circuses and PC accusations, all maniacally focussed on the most peripheral issues one could imagine mostly to do with what sports figures and Hollywood Celebrities and Rock and Roll Musicians think we should do to ward off calamity.

This art blog serves absolutely no purpose in illuminating what art is, as nobody whatsoever cares about what it means. They simply care about how they can sell it and how much money they can get for it. Take a look at Antiques Road House if you want a good example. Or follow the ongoing disaster at the big Auction Houses.

Or don’t. I don’t really give a fuck what you meatheads are doing to be perfectly honest. It would be nice to hear from a single one of you that possess of typing out a single legible and coherent English sentence who might have their own ideas or understanding or even any basic comprehension of where we sit in the Year of Our Lord 2017 like hysterically clucking chickens waiting for the guillotine to drop on our hysterical heads and put us all out of our misery.

As for myself, I’m in no misery whatsoever about the Art Crisis, such as it is. I found it to be a total charade right around the time that the investor gangs started their plays to entirely manipulate the system of art “professionals” in order to squeeze as much notional wealth as could be gotten from whatever sick nonsense any artist could dream up to entertain the jaded crowds of human beings looking for the next thrill ride to catapult themselves into Art Ecstasy land.

The deepest circles of hell are the 8th and 9th. Those are the circles in which Fraud and Treachery are punished. For me, Dante’s estimation of the seriousness of sins ranging from the earlier punishments for various Seven Deadly Sins to the most severe punishments for those who provide the propaganda material and temptations that provoke the sins and sinners holds merit. Those who say nothing receive lighter punishments, being endlessly stung by hornets and wasps and the like, wandering around aimlessly through their infernal region much as they did in their Earthly life.

The deepest of the 8th circle of Hell is occupied by the various falsifiers, perjurers and counterfeits. That would be the players in the graph at the top of this post. The ninth circle on its deepest level is occupied by the treacherous, symbolized by  Judas Iscariot who betrayed Christ for the thirty pieces of silver given to him by the Chief Priests.

As to today’s Chief Priests, we can call them the Big Name Art critics who write for the major media publications and so-called “intellectual” journals they’ve always written from. The Nation Magazine, New York Times, New York Review of Books, New Yorker , Art News, Art Forum, Art in America and seemingly endlessly proliferating promotional material that has spread like a fungus rivaling even the entertainment and fashion sections  that the arts now entirely function within, having no other purpose beyond Entertainment and Fashion. They’ve spread in lockstep with the rise in the art profits pictured above.

These various promoters are the ones culpable, with the aid of unimaginable amounts of notional money and other forms of loot supplied by the  investor class, for creating the gluttonous Las Vegas like art sprawl that blankets much of the so-called free world. A living hell for those of us who actually care about art’s function as the moral and spiritual backbone of any civilization deserving of the name.

If God isn’t pulling the plug on this botch job of a culture I can’t imagine any reason why He would hesitate, since the bulk of it is a fist or scream of fury hurled with nihilistic glee into the face of the Divine Order. Or a plastic and banal shot of decorative pleasure no different from the floormat or design on ones shower curtain at its core. Everything is permitted in the Dismal Swamp of Art Today. Anything, that is, except for art that insists that it has a spiritual purpose and that human life on earth needs to live in conformity and harmony with that always present and existent spiritual order if it is to survive into the next century.

I don’t see how this point is arguable, but I’m always happy to hear from any of the usurers, charlatans, frauds, liars, hypocrites, deaf, dumb and blind and whomever else insuring our destruction as a civilized people would care to make an intelligible comment.

Or not. To be perfectly honest I’m enjoying the peace and quiet of watching no TV, having no computer on other than to type up a blogpost. Saying whatever I have to say into an empty abyss of electronic digital images and confining smartphone us to only  practical uses. At the moment, I’ve carved out my own little paradise on earth listening to the sounds and watching the movement of light and energy that exist in the material world should one choose to pay attention to them instead of the artificial nothingness that is so addictive to those bent on destroying their inner selves.  An indescribable beauty moves through it all that is quite indifferent to the depraved antics of the damned.

Tomorrow night  my wife of 28 years and I are going out to an outdoor amphitheater to hear Mozart’s last symphony, the Jupiter.  The planet Jupiter was named by the Greeks after Zeus as it’s the largest of the planets in our solar system. In his extraordinary Chronicles of Narnia, C. S. Lewis associates Jupiter’s great Red Eye with humor and laughter, but also with blood sacrifice, in particular Christ’s Crucifixion on Calvary. It’s a good life. It really is for those who choose to live it.

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