Fake Music

Dig it…

Who’s James Holden? Is he Fake as well?

That was a particularly deadening Live Set… Polite crowd. That’s what I like to watch.

I suspect Fake is ripping off BobHolroyd or it could be the other way around…. Depending on who Bob Holroyd is.

Britney’s music has evolved quite a bit since I last heard it. To be honest I prefer the old dance movies:

Oh yeah. I forgot. Bob Holroyd.

Reminds of me Pink Royd. You might recall his TV commercials for Preparation H. I don’t know, but there was something about him that made me paranoid. Probably his CIA connections.

Let’s see. The Nice with red balls. Think Bob Holryod ripped this off but forgot to photoshop the Red Balls in. Keith Emerson! Those were the days before Emerson, Lake and Palmer. I think Bob Hologram produced those first two albums if memory serves.

This always brings a tear to my eye. Just looking at the photos… I prefer the Mike Scott version as it has authentic feeling in it.:

Here’s a lovely version of the Mike Scott song by who knows who? Far better singer than Rod. But I then again he probably doesn’t have Rod’s dance moves and effervescent personality.

Mike Scott: Long Way to the Light. You know it brother. But worth the trip.


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