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Paradigm Lost

Jean-Leon Gerome, Bathsheba, 1889 Becoming ever poorer and poorer in subject matter and more and more unintelligible in form, the art of the upper classes, in its latest productions, has even lost all the characteristics of art, and has been … Continue reading

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The First Postmodernist

As with my tracing back the roots of Postmodernism to Abstract Expressionism in the 1940s as it was illustrated in the crackpot writing of Clement Greenberg and further back to the Dadaists and Jarry, Duchamp being merely a packager of … Continue reading

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St. Augustine: True Being

Piero della Francesca, St. Augustine, c. 1465 For I was ignorant of that other reality, true being. And so it was that I was subtly persuaded to agree with these foolish deceivers when they put their questions to me: “Where … Continue reading

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Why I Am So Clever

It’s pretty urewarding, I have to admit, being the most brilliant person in the entire universe. Why? Nobody recognizes it! Of course not! They’d have to be as brilliant as I am in order to realize it. They’d have to … Continue reading

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As far as God helping us, I find that certain things help staying in touch with him. And why should He help us as most of us ignore him around the clock. I don’t myself. But that’s just me. For … Continue reading

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What Is Art?

Visions. Visions that come from the Sacred Universe and are translated by human beings into material form. No visions being translated by artists (as we started calling them toward the end of human history) no Sacred Universe. A world filled … Continue reading

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As You Were. Carry On

Carry on! Love is coming! Love is coming to us all! –Lyrics to famous Crosby, Stills and So On Hippie Love Generation Anthem I have to give Freud credit for this one. He was right that the Oedipus Complex was … Continue reading

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