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Saint Anthony the Hermit

Matthias Grünewald, St. Anthony Meeting Paul the Hermit in the Desert, 1512-1516 When I was a very young man, head filled with the teachings of the Catholic Church, the saint that most fascinated me was Saint Anthony the Hermit. The … Continue reading

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Anton Furst

These are some of the spectacular drawings that Anton Furst made as the film designer who created the vision of Gotham city in Tim Burton’s Batman (1990). Article from the Independent examining Furst’s Hollywood experience and his tragic death: reading

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Ivan Le Lorrain Albright

Ivan Albright, The Vermonter (If Life Were Life, There Would Be No Death), 1966-1977 I once asked Ray Yoshida, this would have been back in the early 80s, who he thought the best painter to come out of Chicago had … Continue reading

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Arik Brauer / Ernst Fuchs

Arik Brauer: Ernst Fuchs: The Vienna Academy reopened after WWII in the summer of 1945. In the ruins of the Academy on the Schllerplatz the 15 year old Ernst Fuchs and 16 year old Arik Brauer first met. They formed … Continue reading

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