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Will Greece Crack the International Market?

Just putting up this Kunstler article for those interested in speculations regarding the situation in Greece. And what does that have to do with John Singer Sargent’s painting, El Jaleo? For now I’ll leave that to the Deconstructionists to puzzle … Continue reading

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The Man of a Thousand Faces


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Michael Haneke on violence

Michael Haneke has made a number of films that are some of the most profound meditations on violence put into cinematic form. None of Haneke’s films make easy viewing. These aren’t Hitchcock films nor are they the typical Tarantino-style pulp … Continue reading

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Terry Southern

First a link to the official Terry Southern website, for those unacquainted his work: Then some of the films he wrote or co-wrote the screenplays for:

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Mike Leigh/Sally Hawkins

I just sent this off to my friend in Rouen and thought I’d post it here as well. Dear Jean-Emmanuel, Sally Hawkins I just love! She’s terrific in Happy-Go-Lucky. Another great Mike Leigh film: This is Sally in All … Continue reading

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