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Edgar Degas

Painting, is it meant to be seen? One works for two or three living friends, and for others one hasn’t met or who have died. — Edgar Degas “The art of painting is to surround a touch of Venetian red … Continue reading

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Pissarro and Cézanne to Gorky

Camille Pissarro, Le Potager de Pissarro á Pontoise, 1877 Paul Cézanne, Le Potager de Pissarro á Pontoise, 1877 In my last post ( on Pissarro I was touching on what I find missing from a large part of the landslide epidemic … Continue reading

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Henri Rousseau’s palette / Monet / Impressionist palettes

I ran across a description of Rousseau’s palette while rereading parts of Roger Shattuck’s marvelous book on the Belle Epoque, The Banquet Years: The Origins of the Avant-Garde in France 1885 to World War I. It’s contained in a footnote: … Continue reading

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Paul Cézanne — on teachers

From Gerstle Mack’s biography: Vollard dined with Cézanne and his family. The painter was in a gay mood and almost overpoweringly polite. “His favorite expression was ‘Excusez un peu!‘ ” The guest, knowing Cézanne’s reputation for irascibility, did his best … Continue reading

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Pissarro, Sisley

When I was in Phoenix I picked up a few used books, a couple of them were real finds. One was the Phaidon book on Alfred Sisley written by Richard Shone. The other was a book of Camille Pissarro’s letters. … Continue reading

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Paul Cezanne

Steve says: March 8, 2011 at 6:01 am: I wanted everyone to see this gouache by Cezanne, but I want you guys to see it: It’s one of his earliest watercolors ( around 1866 I believe ). There’s some difference … Continue reading

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Time to look at some bathers. First a late Renoir idyll. Bathers Playing with a Crab, c. 1897.  I’ve never seen this one. It says Philadelphia Museum, Cleveland Museum. Never seen a listing that gives two museums after the title. … Continue reading

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