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CIA funding 2

Friedel Dzubas “Pictures from all stages of Dzubas’s art since the 40’s will in time to come thrust themselves increasingly into attention: enough of them to establish him once and for all where he belongs, which is on the heights.” … Continue reading

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Humpty Dumpty Falling Down

Two pieces that should be read back to back. First the Kimball piece, where the pomposity and irrelevance of today’s “avant-garde” is shredded in a quite funny comic satire (unless you’re a big fan of contempo avant-garde that is). I … Continue reading

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The True and Only Heaven

Dog Sunk Up to His Neck in Shit by Don Francisco José de Goya y Lucientes OK, gang. Let’s get settled down a bit. Time to post something clear and lucid, in other words something written by a real writer. … Continue reading

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More Fresh Hell

This morning I happened to turn on NPR, something which I rarely do, as it no longer broadcasts news. Not that it did that much of it in the past. Lately I can’t help but think that God is sending me … Continue reading

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World on Fire

While the events in Brussels today are horrific they pale in comparison to what is coming down the road. The massacres in Brussels are everyday occurrences in the Mideast as well as other hotspots the West has set ablaze. The … Continue reading

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What is an Art Genius?

 A Mindblowing Piece of Conceptual Art by John Baldessari I thought it might be helpful to really try to dig into the deep thinking of one of the greatest conceptual artists of the 20th and now 21st centuries. Naturally, he … Continue reading

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Burn, Baby, Burn and then Sell Out

Moronic Live Art by Santiago Sierra I’ve written before on the nonsense of viewing the Burning Man as a kind of radical countercultural phenomenon outside the global capitalist art world system or in defiance of it. Burning Man displays the same kind of … Continue reading

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