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Fake Music

Dig it… Who’s James Holden? Is he Fake as well? That was a particularly deadening Live Set… Polite crowd. That’s what I like to watch. I suspect Fake is ripping off BobHolroyd or it could be the other way around…. … Continue reading

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As far as God helping us, I find that certain things help staying in touch with him. And why should He help us as most of us ignore him around the clock. I don’t myself. But that’s just me. For … Continue reading

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What Is Art?

Visions. Visions that come from the Sacred Universe and are translated by human beings into material form. No visions being translated by artists (as we started calling them toward the end of human history) no Sacred Universe. A world filled … Continue reading

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Sacred and Profane Art

True Outsider: “And I’ve yet to find a single artist who even questions this state of affairs, much less bothers to make any objections or to clarify for themselves what it is that makes something art.” Eric Wayne:” It’s so … Continue reading

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Two Paths

on THE PATH OF SCIENCE: “In brief, there is no reason and no excuse for not considering the shaman as a severe neurotic and even a psychotic. In addition, shamanism is often also dystonic… Briefly stated, we hold that the … Continue reading

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Postmodernism in Ruins

A very good article well worth understanding. The Postmodernism being referred to I locate with Greenberg/Duchamp theories which were then codified by the French pseudo-intellectuals to cement them into the leaden mass of dehumanized nothingness that currently characterizes contemporary art. … Continue reading

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Bart “the Swede” Johannson, Abstract Painting No. 1.865 (Memories of My Third Acid Trip), oil on something or another, 1977-2017 Meanwhile while I wait for the next Eric Wayne to write in to tell me that I have no followers because I’m … Continue reading

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