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Ten Years of Round the Clock Therapy Won’t Cure PostModern Thinking

Jean’s last name translated into English is “blowhard.” The photo gives me a good idea though. For my next few posts I need to take a Selfie holding an unlit cigarette in front of a corner of my library shelves. … Continue reading

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America the Horror Show

Sorry for having no pictures. I know that very few people who look at them are able to read a coherent English sentence these days. Not that I really feel like writing any, given the lack of dialogue obtaining here. … Continue reading

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Glad Tidings and News Updates

Plugged In… Tuned Up…. Tuned out…. And in the news…. National Defense Reauthorization Act is in forward motion, Sarah Palin hinting she might be back in the race, Christopher Hitchens is still dead, Louis Ferdinand Celine meets Ginzy and Burroughs … Continue reading

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Twilight of American Culture

John Heartfield, cover of the exhibition catalogue of First International Dada Art Fair. Rudolph Schlichter and George Grosz’s pig soldier collaboration is seen hanging from the ceiling. Grosz is the gentleman with hat and cane.   Below are a couple … Continue reading

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